Leading the fashion phone trend, women are looking for Redmi 13 with a glass back and 108MP camera

 Redmi 13 is a product that makes women fascinated with its high-quality camera up to 108MP and neat appearance, the back uses high-quality glass material, creating a luxurious and outstanding feeling when used in crowded places. .

The upcoming tourist season, women are preparing to buy new phones to check-in and live virtually, but on the market there are very few models with unique designs that also take beautiful photos. Therefore, Xiaomi brings Redmi 13, this model has an extremely elegant and trendy glass back design and impressive photography and video recording capabilities.

"Surfing" on the glass back

Holding Redmi 13 in hand, users can freely express their own taste, personality and qualities. The back is the point that attracts everyone's attention when using Redmi 13.

“I found the back of Redmi 13 very impressive, the curved lines made me completely excited when I saw it. That motivated me to immediately book one to take home," said Duong Thuy Linh, one of the early owners of Redmi 13.

Besides the wave-like glass back on the Ocean Blue version, the Midnight Black, Sea Sand Yellow, and Pearl Pink color versions are also full of highlights and highlights. Furthermore, this model also has a friendly design, 8.3mm thin. The edges and edges are rounded, helping users hold it firmly and comfortably.

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In addition, Redmi 13 has IP53 dust and water resistance standards, helping users feel secure when going in the rain or using in dusty environments. In particular, the "legendary" 3.5mm headphone jack will still be arranged on the top edge, providing maximum support for users who regularly use wired headphones.

Capture every pixel with the 108MP ultra-clear camera

Inheriting the essence from the previous generation, Redmi 13 still possesses a "super product" 108 MP camera system with a super large glass cluster and dual flash designed in a ring shape.

"I like the way Xiaomi upgraded the camera. They sunk the camera frame and only let the two lenses protrude from the back. This design makes the device more streamlined while giving it a seamless and luxurious feeling," student fashion design industry, Nhu Quynh shared.

It would be remiss not to mention the 108MP camera that Xiaomi proudly introduced to users on Redmi 13. With a 108MP sensor, 1/1.67 inch size, f/1.8 aperture, girls can freely show off their figure. Take photos from all angles and environments without worrying about blurry photos.

Additionally, the 3x optical zoom capability helps you take sharp telephoto photos. Besides the main camera, the device has a 2MP macro lens with f/2.4 aperture to help capture every small detail on the subject.

Not to mention, a number of other features integrated in Redmi 13 such as 9-in-1 pixel binning technology helps improve low-light photography capabilities, increase details, and 13MP selfie camera. The smart filmCamera filter with classic colors and filmFrame on the device also adds an "artistic" look to photos taken while out for coffee or traveling.

Strong battery, raises the game level

Redmi 13 is equipped with MediaTek Helio G91-Ultra processor, 8GB RAM (expandable RAM technology up to 16GB) and 5,000mAh battery. With a powerful configuration, Redmi 13 is not "bored" with any mobile game. Besides, Redmi 13's huge memory that can be expanded to 1TB helps users store all valuable data.

And yet, Xiaomi has equipped Redmi 13 with a large 6.79-inch screen, 90Hz refresh rate to help users watch blockbuster movies clearly and action scenes are always smooth.

Not only stopping at panel quality, Xiaomi also cares about customers' health by possessing 3 TÜV Rheinland certifications in reducing blue light, anti-flicker and being friendly to circadian rhythms. This helps protect your eyes and avoid fatigue when enjoying entertainment content for long periods of time.

Currently, Redmi 13 is sold at The Gioi Di Dong and Dien May Xanh chains across the country with 2 versions: 6GB RAM + 128GB and 8GB RAM + 128GB with prices of 4,290,000 VND and 4,690,000 VND respectively.

From June 8 - 30, customers who buy Redmi 13 at Mobile World stores national will receive an immediate discount of VND 200,000, participate in the 0% installment payment program, and come with a warranty package of up to 24 months. .

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