iPhone is inferior to Samsung phones right in "hometown"

 Samsung has surpassed Apple to become the best-selling smartphone brand in the US market.

Apple's dominance in the US smartphone market has been maintained for many years. However, according to the latest report from CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners), this situation has changed.

During a 12-month period, up to March 2024, Samsung "surpassed" Apple and became the "best-selling" smartphone brand in the US market. The competition between these two technology "giants" is very fierce, but in the end, Samsung has the upper hand with 38% of the smartphone market share right in Apple's "home turf".

Meanwhile, the iPhone only captured 33% of the market. That’s not necessarily a bad result, but it’s much lower than other research firms have estimated for years. For example, last month, Counterpoint Research reported that Apple will outsell Samsung in US smartphone sales in Q1 2024, and it has done so in previous quarters. That’s now a bit of a stretch, as smartphone makers don’t have specific sales figures.

Smartphone market share in the US.

Smartphone market share in the US.

Although Samsung has surpassed Apple in overall market share, the "Apple House" still retains its advantage in sales of "flagship" lines such as iPhone 15 and iPhone 14. These iPhone lines account for over 64% of total smartphone sales of the country. Apple in the US during the period from April 2023 - March 2024.

Meanwhile, Samsung's high-end smartphone models such as the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S24, Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip only accounted for 42% of the company's total sales in the region during the same period.

Samsung's mid-range and low-cost smartphones are popular in the US, which makes Samsung's profits somewhat less competitive than Apple's. However, profits are not everything. Strong sales can increase Samsung's brand recognition over the long term in an important market like the US.

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For example, with a 13% market share, Motorola does not hold a high position in the list of smartphone vendors in the US. However, the company still "beats" Google quite easily and shows future prospects. Like Samsung, Motorola is also a brand that thrives on selling mid-range smartphones with many interesting features at competitive prices... occasionally, its flagship products also gain recognition. warm. warm.

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