If you're "stuck" when updating iOS 18, here's how to fix it!


Many users encounter the problem of being stuck on the Preparing Update screen when updating to iOS 18.

Apple recently released a new iOS 18 update for all compatible iPhone models with a host of new features and major AI improvements. The company has also released developer betas. However, many people reported that they got stuck on the "Preparing Update" screen when updating.

iOS 18 crashes while updating.

iOS 18 crashes while updating.

It is known that this problem often occurs due to overloaded traffic to Apple 's servers during the initial release of the update, but the way to fix this problem is quite simple. According to technology experts, users just need to delete the corrupted update file and reinstall from the beginning.

Fixing steps:

- Open the Settings app on iPhone, select General.

- Next select iPhone Storage (iPhone capacity).

- Find the iOS 18 OTA file and select Delete Update.

- Close all applications and return to the home screen.

Then, reinstall iOS 18 from scratch by going to Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates. The reinstallation process may take some time, please wait patiently.

If difficulties or errors arise, you should contact Apple support for help.

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