Google is about to turn iPhone fast charging into slow charging


Fast charging features on smartphones have been increasingly improved by leaps and bounds in recent years.

The world has witnessed a transition from devices with a maximum charging capacity of 20-30W to phones that can recharge batteries at extremely fast speeds of 240W. This innovation also extends to wireless charging, with phones like the OnePlus 12 supporting 50W wireless charging speeds.

Android 15 will redefine fast charging standards.

Android 15 will redefine fast charging standards.

Despite such benefits, a user's Android phone only needs 7.5W of power to show it has "fast charging" capabilities. If a user plugs in a charger that provides up to 5W of power, their Android phone will consider it a “slow” charger and display a “slow charging” message on the lock screen.

For powers between 5W and 7.5W, the message “charging” will be displayed. If the output power exceeds 7.5W, Android will consider this a fast charger, with a “fast charging” notification appearing on the lock screen. This causes problems because the Pixel 8 Pro can mislead users into thinking it is “fast charging,” despite only being plugged into a slow 10W charger.

Thankfully, Google may fix this problem with Android 15 later this year. According to the latest report, Google appears to be adjusting the operating system's health status to adjust the definition of fast charging. Android expert Mishaal Rahman noted on Android Authority that Google plans to increase this threshold to 20W.

Many Apple iPhones currently only support 18W fast charging, lower than the threshold specified by Android 15.

Many Apple iPhones currently only support 18W fast charging, lower than the threshold specified by Android 15.

This change is not yet available in the latest Android 15 beta but will take effect when the operating system is ready for public release. If so, many iPhones that support Apple's 18W fast charging will become slow charging, at least according to Google's new definition.

Android manufacturers like Samsung and Xiaomi have adjusted the definition of fast charging on their phones. Depending on the output capacity, these phones display the charging level as "fast charging", "super fast charging" or even "super fast charging 2.0". With Google's new definition of fast charging through Android, the entire ecosystem will benefit, especially Pixel users.

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