Gmail users on Android are about to get more "cool" AI features


Google is said to be testing integrating Gemini AI into Gmail on Android.

Google is actively bringing Gemini artificial intelligence into its applications, and Gmail for Android could be the next destination. According to leaked information from AssembleDebug and Android Authority, a Gemini node has been discovered in the latest version of Gmail app code.

This Gemini button is located on the toolbar, allowing users to quickly access Gemini AI features such as summarizing emails, drafting replies, changing email tone, and instructions for using Gmail.

The Gmail application on Android will likely be integrated with Gemini AI.

The Gmail application on Android will likely be integrated with Gemini AI.

This is not the first time Gemini has appeared in Gmail. Previously, paid Google Workspace users were able to use some of the same features. However, integrating the Gemini button directly on the Gmail interface will make it easier for users to access and use this AI technology.

While Gemini AI can be helpful in summarizing long emails and assisting with drafting, there are still concerns about the AI's accuracy and understanding. Users should still be cautious and double-check important information before sending.

It is unclear when this feature will be officially launched. However, with positive moves from Google, Gmail users on Android can soon experience the power of Gemini AI right in their familiar applications.

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