“Flagship destroyer” realme GT 6 "finalizes" release date

Realme's blockbuster GT 6 has just revealed information about its "huge" battery and super-fast charging.

Realme continues to reveal interesting information about the upcoming realme GT 6 phone. After confirming the use of Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chip, the company has just revealed the "huge" battery capacity of 5,500 mAh and 120W fast charging technology on GT 6.

Realme GT 6 has a huge 5,500 mAh battery and 120W fast charging.

According to realme, this dual 5,500 mAh battery can charge from 0 - 50% in just 10 minutes and fully charge 100% in 28 minutes thanks to the included 120W SuperVOOC charger. The company also confirms that the battery can provide 46 hours of talk time, 8 hours of PUBG gaming and still retain 80% of its capacity after 1600 full charges, equivalent to 4 years of use if charged once a day.

In addition, Realme GT 6 was also revealed to support gaming at a frame rate of 120 FPS, providing a smooth experience for gamers. However, the list of games that support this feature has not yet been announced.

Previously, Realme confirmed that GT 6 will have a 50MP main camera. Leaked information indicates that the device will have two additional cameras: a super wide-angle camera and a telephoto camera. Realme is expected to reveal more about the GT 6's camera system soon.

With the revealed information, Realme GT 6 is becoming the focus of attention of the technology world and fans. The product will officially launch on June 20.

After two years of focusing on the mid-range and low-cost segment, realme has officially announced the return of the high-end GT product line with the realme GT 6. Expected to launch globally on June 20, realme GT 6 promises to be a new "flagship killer", delivering powerful performance and groundbreaking features thanks to the support of artificial intelligence (AI).

Realme GT 6 will launch on June 20.

Realme GT 6 will launch on June 20.

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The realme GT 6 promotional poster reveals a luxurious silver metal design with a unique triangular camera cluster, similar to the C series. The highlight of the product lies in the ability to leverage AI to improve image quality, optimize user experience and enhance work performance.

Although detailed specifications have not been announced, based on realme GT 5, it can be expected that realme GT 6 will be equipped with a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, a sharp 6.74-inch 144Hz HDR10+ AMOLED screen, RAM up to 16GB and internal memory 512GB. In addition, 150W fast charging technology can also be integrated on this product.

Realme GT 6 will officially launch globally on June 20 through realme's official YouTube and Facebook channels.

The return of realme GT 6 not only marks a new turning point in realme's product strategy, but also brings a new breeze to the high-end smartphone segment. With a combination of beautiful design, powerful performance and advanced AI technology, realme GT 6 is expected to be a formidable competitor to other flagships on the market. 

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