Experience new painting with 3D Mapping, Lazer Mapping and 360-degree LED

A series of technologies such as 3D Mapping, 360-degree LED Cylinder, Lazer Mapping, Art Lighting Programming,... are combined at the same time in the exhibition space "Van Gogh & Monet Art Lighting Experience".

Transcending space and time, for the first time two great artistic geniuses, Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh, meet the Vietnamese public in the multi-sensory interactive exhibition "Van Gogh & Monet Art Lighting Experience". The photo exhibition combines modern technology, bringing a world of experiences that impact all five senses, not just limited to looking at and admiring paintings like traditional experiences.

Space for displaying photos on the wall.

Space for displaying photos on the wall.

And also on the ceiling to create a wider visual experience space.

And also on the ceiling to create a wider visual experience space.

If the artist Vincent Van Gogh had previously come to the Vietnamese public through the Van Gogh Art Lighting Experience exhibition that attracted nearly 100,000 visits, then Claude Monet continues to be the name that people yearn to meet. The Vietnamese public knows Claude Monet - the "father" of the Impressionist painting school with masterpieces such as Water lilies, Woman with parasol.

In the exhibition space at Giga Mall (Ho Chi Minh City), the organizer vividly recreated the famous works of two great artists through projection and interactive technology. In particular, in this exhibition, the participants' experiential journey is designed with 21 "touch points" that will in turn bring the public into the enchanting world of thoughts and creativity of Van Gogh and Monet.

The organizers revealed that the biggest challenge of the exhibition is to boldly and harmoniously represent the unique artistic journey of the two artists. At the exhibition, admirers will admire nearly 100 masterpieces containing Monet's poetic stories, engrossed in the brilliant "Monet Garden" or "Flower Room". From the world of Monet, viewers will walk to Van Gogh, then immerse themselves in the quintessence that has been meticulously recreated.

The biggest highlight of the exhibition is the Immersive 720 performance space with a scale of more than 390 square meters. The life story, artistic path, and hidden meanings behind each work of two genius artists will be told with vivid and sharp 720-degree visual effects from every angle. A series of technologies such as 3D Mapping, 360-degree LED Cylinder, Lazer Mapping, Art Lighting Programming, etc. combine at the same time, making viewers completely submerged in a multi-sensory interactive experience that is leading the trend of art viewing. In the world.

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The guarantee for the exhibition's multi-sensory interactive art experiences (Art Lighting Experience) continues to be Vioso - a globally famous mapping name from Germany. Continuing the resounding success of "Van Gogh Art Lighting Experience" first held in Vietnam earlier this year, Vioso and partners such as First Interactive Technology,... continue to bring new and diverse experiences. more with "Van Gogh & Monet Art Lighting Experience".

Accompanying this vision, Mr. Le Tan Loc - representative of Jazzy Paradise, the organizer, shared: Events, exhibitions, art and technology performances such as "Van Gogh & Monet Art Lighting Experience" have been planned. carefully determined and continuously occurring in the future. The organizer always prioritizes dedicating energy and resources to constantly upgrade, improve, and bring the world's top artistic values ​​​​to Vietnam through the most creative and unique touches.

Continuing in this exhibition, the representative also revealed more about "bringing Conan to Vietnam" through a special event that has never taken place anywhere other than Japan, expected at the end of June also in Vietnam. Giga Mall. This is an event that the organizers hope will create many interesting surprises, an opportunity for Conan fans nationally to return to childhood memories, the world of crimes and finding the truth. along with attractive and mysterious simulation cases. 

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