Do users need a smartphone with 24GB RAM?

Now, many smartphones have extremely large amounts of RAM. However, not everyone understands the benefits of this.

Now, more and more smartphones have large RAM memory, up to 24GB. However, does the public really need large RAM on smartphones?

nubia RedMagic 8S Pro Plus.

nubia RedMagic 8S Pro Plus.

Let's explore the new 24GB RAM trend on smartphones and evaluate whether they are reasonable or not.

Which phones have 24GB RAM?

While iPhone and Google Pixel will continue to have lower RAM capacity, other phone manufacturers like ASUS, Samsung, OnePlus, Motorola will definitely test phones with 24GB RAM.

OnePlus 12 will have 24GB of RAM.

OnePlus 12 will have 24GB of RAM.

The first phone with 24GB RAM is the nubia RedMagic 8S Pro Plus. This is a gaming phone with many impressive specifications. The “transparent version” of this phone comes with 24GB RAM and 1TB internal memory, the lower version has 16GB RAM and 1TB internal memory.

However, this is not the only phone with 24GB RAM. The public has witnessed 24GB RAM on Realme GT 5, OnePlus Ace 2 Pro and Redmi K60 Extreme Edition.

Extreme version

Recently, many rumors confirmed that smartphone manufacturers will increase RAM capacity to 32GB!

Smartphones with 24GB RAM are mainly for gaming.

Smartphones with 24GB RAM are mainly for gaming.

The trend of phones with 24GB RAM has so far been largely limited to China. These companies all want to be “first” to reach the specification milestone. As this trend spreads, gaming phones and high-end phones with 24GB RAM will be sold globally, expected to hit shelves by the end of 2024.

Initial leaks show that the OnePlus 12 is also equipped with 24GB RAM although it may be limited to China.

What is the benefit of 24GB RAM in a phone?

The amount of 24GB RAM is relatively large and smartphone manufacturers are still finding ways to use them effectively. Phone hardware needs to evolve faster than software needs because the cost of envisioning and creating compelling use cases for the technology is always higher.

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So far, 24GB RAM has been limited to the version with the highest specs. These products also focus on performance and gaming, so the most obvious use would be gaming.

However, users do not directly benefit from large amounts of RAM in smartphone gaming scenarios because there are other bottlenecks in CPU, heat, and power consumption before maximum utilization is possible. RAM on the phone. Even the best Android games today won't be able to take advantage of 24GB RAM.

The new Galaxy S23 Ultra only has 12GB of RAM.

The new Galaxy S23 Ultra only has 12GB of RAM.

This extra RAM just helps keep more apps open in the background, even when users are playing heavy games. With the amount of RAM at their disposal, users can return to other tasks after gaming.

Another way to use RAM when gaming is to keep the game preloaded while the user is multitasking. Therefore, when entering the game, users will not have to face a jerky screen. However, the utility of this feature is limited because some games are forced to refresh upon reopening.

The most reasonable use case of 24GB RAM is AI - Artificial Intelligence. AI models can run on machines with less RAM, but having abundant RAM will have a noticeable improvement in speed. The more RAM a phone has, the more free space it has to accommodate larger and more complex on-device AI models.

Another use case that can benefit from more RAM is desktop mode on phones. Some phones can run like a desktop computer when connected to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The most prominent example is Samsung DeX, many other Android phones also have hidden desktop modes since Android 10!

Desktop mode usually has multitasking as its main highlight. With more RAM on the phone, users can open more apps and services.

Additionally, when there is a lot of RAM, users can reserve RAM to allocate specifically for certain use cases. With 24GB RAM, users can dedicate part to specific applications, for example AI or desktop mode, and the rest to the system.

How much RAM does a phone really need?

Although it brings many benefits, in reality, users do not need a smartphone with 24GB RAM.

Users will benefit from more RAM when using desktop mode on the phone.

Between 8GB and 12GB of RAM on an Android phone is ideal for most people. If you want an ideal experience, users should use flagships with 12GB RAM.

Reducing RAM below 8GB will make the experience significantly worse, applications will be disabled while running in the background. However, increasing RAM to 12GB will limit this drawback. 

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