Could HTC return with the new HTC U24 Pro?


The manufacturer of high-end and iconic Android smartphones more than 10 years ago is trying to regain its image.

Despite the difficulties, HTC is still producing smartphones in 2024, with the latest action being ready to launch a new product on June 12, 2024. To prepare for this, the company posted a teaser to tease the new product.

Image posted by HTC on X.

Image posted by HTC on X.

According to the teaser posted on last year, which was described as a “metaverse-focused” smartphone.

Based on the introduction image, the new HTC phone doesn't look anything special because it has a regular bar design with two protruding cameras. However, compared to the mid-range smartphone category, it looks quite impressive.

About two months ago, the alleged specifications of the HTC U24 Pro appeared on Google Play Console to show that it will be one of the mid-range smartphones worth waiting for. Specifically, the device is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chip, 12 GB RAM and Full HD + screen.

Could HTC return with the new HTC U24 Pro? - 2

It can be said that this is not the flagship smartphone to bring the company back to leadership but it will more or less show that HTC is still not giving up. One thing to note is that the product does not use the latest Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3 chip, so it is likely to limit general AI features.

Back in 2011, HTC was in the top 3 smartphone brands, just behind Apple and Samsung. Now, the company is virtually non-existent in the smartphone segment following the rise of Chinese brands. The last high-end phone that HTC launched was the HTC U12+, which was released in 2018 and it is also being listed on the HTC website in some markets.

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