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 This Vietnamese technology "giant" has priority access to Nvidia's AI Factory and leading generations of AI GPU processors (chips).

GreenNode is a member company under VNG Digital Business. Recently, this company announced a strategic cooperation with Nvidia and international partners, helping global customers access and exploit the AI ​​Cloud platform. VNG's promotion of investment in AI is a strategic direction to catch the next technology waves and expand international markets for the company's key products and services.

Nvidia's AI processors are being used by Vietnamese technology giants.

Nvidia's AI processors are being used by Vietnamese technology giants.

As one of the few official partners of Nvidia's cloud services (NCP - Nvidia Cloud Partner) from the end of 2023, GreenNode has priority access to the AI ​​factory and generations of processors (AI Factory). chip) Nvidia's flagship AI GPU. In Vietnam, VNG is one of the first units to own many Nvidia DGX H100 servers located in a data center in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

In April 2024, GreenNode's data center in Thailand cooperated with ST Telemedia Global Data Centers Thailand (STT GDC). STT GDC is an enterprise operating more than 95 data centers worldwide, equipped with thousands of Nvidia H100 GPU chips, and new generation InfiniBand network infrastructure with bandwidth between servers up to 3.2Tbps. .

Besides the AI ​​Cloud service, GreenNode is also researching and developing many AI technologies, notably the 34 billion parameter large Vietnamese language model (GreenNode-34B LLM) and the No code Chatbot platform. GreenNode also accompanied VNGGames to officially launch the Artian platform based on the Stable Diffusion image generation model.

With high applicability, Artian is being integrated to handle more than 150 game characters and create more than 100,000 multimedia content, helping VNGGames studios save 50 - 70% of production time and costs, Some stages can increase working efficiency 3 times compared to normal.

Previously, FPT Corporation had just announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation with NVIDIA Corporation to promote artificial intelligence (AI) research and provide services and solutions to Vietnamese and global customers. The two sides plan to build an artificial intelligence factory (AI Factory), train high-quality human resources and become a service development partner (Service Delivery Partner) in NVIDIA's partner network.

According to the memory of understanding, FPT plans to invest 200 million USD to build AI Factory, providing a cloud computing platform for AI research and development and sovereignty in Vietnam. The factory includes supercomputer systems operating on NVIDIA's new technology, including the NVIDIA AI Enterprise development technology framework and application suite and the H100 Tensor Core GPU graphics chip.

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According to Market Data Forecast (a market report provider based in India), the AI ​​market in the Asia-Pacific region is forecast to grow annually by 39.93% in the period 2024 - 2029. , from 66.38 billion USD in 2024 to 356.13 billion USD in 2029. However, businesses in the region are facing challenges in accessing the necessary infrastructure and expertise to exploit projects. AI projects effectively.

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