Breakthrough with new electrolyte that helps prevent electric vehicle batteries from burning


Lithium-ion batteries have long raised concerns about potential fire and explosion risks.

According to Auto Evolution, scientists at Clemson University (USA) have just announced a breakthrough invention in the field of electric vehicle batteries by successfully developing a self-extinguishing electrolyte, capable of completely preventing the risk of fire. Battery explosion - a constant worry of electric vehicle users today.

American scientists have successfully developed a fire-resistant electrolyte for batteries.

American scientists have successfully developed a fire-resistant electrolyte for batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries, commonly used in electric vehicles, are famous for their high energy density and long life. However, they also pose a risk of fire and explosion if overheated due to the use of flammable electrolyte. This phenomenon, called thermal runaway, can have serious consequences, especially when electric vehicle batteries contain thousands of individual cells. The concern is that the burning cells will produce their own oxygen, making the fire very difficult to extinguish.

Clemson University's new electrolyte was developed based on material found in commercial fire extinguishers, operates consistently over a wide temperature range and has proven effective in extinguishing fires in tests. In particular, this electrolyte is not only compatible with lithium-ion batteries but can also be used with other types of batteries such as potassium ions, sodium ions, aluminum ions and zinc ions.

It is worth noting that this new electrolyte is affordable, produced from 3M's Novec 7300 liquid, is non-toxic, non-flammable and does not harm the environment. It also has physical properties similar to current electrolytes, making it easy to apply to existing battery production lines.

This is considered an important step forward in improving the safety of electric vehicle batteries, opening up the potential for developing non-flammable batteries in the near future.

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