BenQ GW2790QT: The world's first programmable 2K monitor

 In addition to the outstanding "Coding" mode, the BenQ GW2790QT screen also has M-Book, Game, Movie, ePaper and Standard modes.

Completely different from the rest of the market, BenQ GW2790QT is a specialized monitor line for programmers with features that increase contrast to clarify characters and optimize eye protection. This product is also versatile as it can be converted to perform other office tasks with just the click of a button.

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BenQ GW2790QT has an ergonomic design that brings comfort to the user.

BenQ GW2790QT has an ergonomic design that brings comfort to the user.

BenQ GW2790QT white version looks very luxurious and pristine, from the back, thin screen edges to the base. Smart design with joints and locks for three separate components: screen, vertical shaft and base, helps users install quickly and easily. In case you need to disassemble it to store it in a box or move it far away, users just need to turn a screw at the bottom of the screen base and press a button on the back to finish.

Besides, the ergonomic design makes it easy to customize the height, tilt, pivot and horizontal rotation of the screen, creating a comfortable working environment. This is an important criterion that consumers should pay attention to when choosing to buy a screen, because it helps flexibly change to suit the height of the table/chair and the user's viewing angle.

What's also interesting is that the screen stand can be used to decorate, neatly arrange some small items or hide the charging cord in a deep slot. Depending on each person's style, the combination of commemorative photos, cute mascots, Lego blocks or small USB sticks,... will create a colorful space under the screen, increasing inspiration. for working process.

The buttons are on the bottom edge of the screen.

The buttons are on the bottom edge of the screen.

HDMI, USB Type-A, USB Type-C,... connection ports are fully supported.

HDMI, USB Type-A, USB Type-C,... connection ports are fully supported.

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This monitor also has intelligently designed connection ports, helping cables become neater on the desk. active, in addition to the main power cord for the screen, a single USB Type-C cable will simultaneously fast data transfer and 65W power supply to the connected device (laptop, smartphone, etc.). ...).

Connectivity and resolution

BenQ GW2790QT can be used as a monitor for a desktop computer (PC) or as an extended monitor for a laptop. Users can connect to a computer to set up multi-screen mode, helping to supplement workspace through Daisy Chain connection. Peripheral devices such as mice, keyboards, headphones, etc. can be connected through ports on the screen instead of having to be attached to a PC or laptop case.

One of the biggest highlights of the GW2790QT is its 2K resolution, which helps display more and sharper content on a compact 27-inch screen. 2K resolution also delivers images with much higher detail than the usual Full HD standard, especially valuable when reading small fonts such as programming.

"Coding" mode with enhanced contrast.

"Coding" mode with enhanced contrast.

Practical experience in Standard mode, the writer found that this screen displays everything optimally at about 70% brightness, 47% contrast and 80% sharpness, without color temperature correction is required. The product has a color coverage of 99% of the sRGB color gamut and a viewing angle of 178 degrees.

Modes of use

BenQ GW2790QT was born for programmers, so the manufacturer has designed a specialized Coding mode. When enabled, Coding mode highlights colors so programmers can easily read characters with optimal contrast and color saturation on dark backgrounds. This mode combined with a series of eye protection technologies ensures comfort for users whether they have to "glue" their eyes to the screen for many hours or use it at night.

In addition, the GW2790QT features a dedicated "M-Book" mode for MacBooks, intended to minimize the difference between what is displayed on this screen and the colors displayed on the main display of the connected MacBook. It's especially useful when MacBook users need to perform graphics-related tasks on a larger screen.

The third mode is ePaper, which simulates the style of an e-book with a clear, easy-to-read black-and-white layout. Users can take advantage of ePaper mode to read reports, research presentations or read newspapers and online news.

Although not advertised much by the manufacturer, it must be mentioned that Game and Movie modes on this screen are also supported. With a 75Hz refresh rate and 5ms latency, this is not necessarily the ideal screen for gaming, but at least Game mode will have adjustments to increase the experience compared to a regular screen. Similarly, Movie mode will bring color effects closer to home cinema.

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