Apple secretly brings new capabilities to the iPhone's flashlight

iOS 18 has a hidden feature for the iPhone's flashlight tool that few users know about.

At the WWDC 2024 event, Apple introduced a series of exciting new features, including significant improvements in artificial intelligence (AI). However, a small but no less interesting highlight lies in a seemingly simple feature: the iPhone flashlight.

According to the latest findings from the developer beta version of iOS 18, users will be able to customize not only the light intensity but also the illumination radius of the flashlight. This means you can adjust the width of the lighting area depending on your needs.

iOS 18 provides the ability to customize the lighting radius width for the flashlight.

This feature has never appeared on any Android phone, marking a new step for Apple in perfecting the user experience on the iPhone.

In addition, iOS 18 also offers the ability to change the flashlight button on the lock screen, helping users avoid accidentally activating the flashlight.

The beta version of iOS 18 will be released next August, while the official version is expected to launch in the fall of 2024. iPhone users can check if their device is eligible to upgrade to iOS 18 or not on Apple's website.

Xiaomi may be the only company with official Leica branding on its smartphones, but iPhones will soon get some of this experience too.

Leica's new LUX app is designed to mimic the experience users get from Leica lens technology. The app does this through a combination of software tricks and AI (artificial intelligence).

iPhone users can now also experience part of Leica functionality like Xiaomi phones.

iPhone users can now also experience part of Leica functionality like Xiaomi phones.

There are 11 different color profiles designed to suit current Leica cameras as well as vintage cameras of the past. Besides a fully automatic camera mode that works similarly to Apple's camera, the app also offers an aperture mode that uses AI to mimic the look, bokeh, and aperture they get from lenses like the Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH.

Although the Leica app is available for free, users will only receive simulations of 5 profiles and 4 lenses. They will have to pay 199,000 VND/month or 1,999 million VND/year to unlock all configurations, lenses and some other advanced features.

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The addition of Leica features on the iPhone is a pretty big deal for fans of the brand and its products. Previously, the only way to get Leica's expertise on smartphones was to buy a Xiaomi device. Of course, the big question is how well these Leica features actually work. 

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