Apple once again reached a value of 3,000 billion USD, about to surpass Microsoft

Now, Apple has again achieved a market valuation of $3 trillion, closely following "giant" Microsoft.

Despite Nvidia trailing and Microsoft taking the lead in AI, Apple stock has rallied in recent weeks, returning the company to a $3 trillion valuation in Wednesday morning's opening session.

specifically, on Wednesday morning, the company's stock price surpasses the price of 195.63 USD, bringing Apple to a valuation of more than 3 trillion USD for the first time since December 2023. However, according to experts, this valuation is a bit ambiguous because Apple continuously buys back its shares and is in the process of buying back in large quantities.

Apple CEO - Tim Cook.

Apple CEO - Tim Cook.

Previously, in January 2022, Apple became the first company to reach a market capitalization of 3 trillion USD. However, after that, the market capitalization gradually decreased over the following year, mainly due to investor anxiety.

This continued to repeat itself in June 2023 when Apple's market capitalization increased again to more than $3 trillion but decreased steadily soon after.

Earlier this year, "Apple Khuyet" continued to fall into difficulty when its stock price dropped to the lowest level of 165.00 USD (about 4.1 million VND) on April 19.

Apple (Illustration).

Apple (Illustration).

Just two weeks later, the tech tycoon beat Wall Street's expectations for the second quarter, increasing its dividend and launching a massive stock buyback program. As a result, Apple's stock price has seen a major recovery in value since then.

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Microsoft is being valued at around $3.07 billion and is on track for overall growth in 2024. Nvidia, on the other hand, has more than doubled its stock price since the beginning of 2024 and is having a market capitalization of 2.8 trillion USD.

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