Apple may not be able to use the Vision Pro name in China

 Apple Vision Pro 2 "reveals", is this the end of Apple's virtual reality ambitions?

Recently, information about Apple stopping development of the high-end successor to the Vision Pro mixed reality glasses has surprised the technology world. Although this product was only launched not long ago, difficulties in sales and feedback from users seem to have caused Apple to change its plans.

According to The Information, "apple" has informed at least one supplier about suspending development of the next high-end version of Vision Pro. The reason is said to be because sales of this $3,500 device did not meet expectations.

Poor sales caused Apple to consider discontinuing production of the next generation of Vision Pro.

However, this does not mean that Apple completely abandons its virtual reality ambitions. Sources say the company is still researching a cheaper version of Vision Pro, expected to launch before the end of 2025, with fewer features than the current version.

This decision by Apple could have a big impact on the high-end mixed reality headset market, when competitors such as Meta and Samsung are also preparing to launch new products.

Although Apple has not officially confirmed this information, this move shows that the company is more cautious in investing in virtual reality, especially in the current difficult economic context.

Instead of continuing to develop the high-end version, Apple will likely focus on perfecting and popularizing the cheaper Vision Pro version, to reach a wider range of users. This could be a strategic step for Apple to build a solid foundation for its future in the field of virtual reality.

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Apple may have difficulty releasing its Vision Pro mixed reality glasses in China. The reason is because the name Vision Pro was trademarked by Huawei Technologies with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) three years ago.

South China Morning Post reported that Huawei registered the Vision Pro trademark for various products and services, including virtual reality (VR) glasses and wearable video displays, in 2021. Therefore, Huawei has "exclusive" rights to this trademark in China until November 2031. According to CNIPA, Apple applied to register the Vision Pro trademark last year but was rejected. Then, the company once again applied to register the Apple Vision Pro trademark in June of the same year, but this application is still under review.

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