Apple is about to have a "homegrown" password management application

Apple is preparing to launch its own password management application at WWDC 2024.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is expected to introduce a new application called "Passwords" at the 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) taking place next week. This application is expected to be a comprehensive solution for password management, helping users store and protect login information safely and conveniently.

Apple is saying to be about to launch a completely new password management application.

A special feature of Passwords is the ability to organize passwords effectively, clearly classify account passwords, password keys and Wi-Fi passwords. In addition, the application can also automatically generate strong passwords, authentication codes and automatically fill in login information for users.

Passwords is said to be compatible with iOS 18, iPadOS 18, macOS 15, and even Windows, providing a consistent experience across different platforms.

The fact that Apple developed a separate password management application is not too surprising, as the need to protect login information is becoming increasingly urgent in the digital age. However, with outstanding features and deep integration into the Apple ecosystem, Passwords promises to be a formidable competitor to other password managers on the market.

Let's wait for official information about the Passwords application at WWDC 2024 and see whether this application meets user expectations or not.

Change it immediately if you are using one of the 4-digit passwords (PIN codes) listed below.

Passwords are the key to protect your devices and applications from attackers. However, if you use easy-to-guess passwords, security will be significantly reduced.

In the digital age, protecting personal and financial information is extremely important. Passwords play a key role in keeping your devices, apps, and accounts secure. However, many people, out of fear of forgetting or convenience, use simple, easy-to-guess passwords, unintentionally creating opportunities for bad guys to attack.

Recently, a study by DataGenetics showed a list of the 10 most common and easily cracked 4-digit passwords. What's worrying is that these passwords often follow certain patterns, such as 1234 (in numerical order), repeating numbers or pairs of numbers (1111, 2222...).

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The 4-digit PIN code is sometimes set simply because it is convenient and easy to remember.

In addition, many people use passwords based on their own or loved ones' birthdays, which is also a dangerous habit because this information can be easily collected. 

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