After 5 years of commercializing 5G, China begins to "upgrade" to 5.5G network


2024 marks the 5-year milestone of 5G commercialization in China, now they are pushing forward with 5.5G commercialization.

Huawei has just brought practical experience with commercial applications of 5.5G networks at the Shanghai Mobile Show (MWC Shanghai) 2024. In addition, Huawei announced that it has reached 6 consensuses with 5.5G carriers. G around the world.

According to Huawei, in 2024, leading carriers in the Middle East and China have begun deploying and launching 5.5G data packages, of which many carriers have launched 5.5G packages based on their experiences. unprecedented network.

5.5G network is an improvement of 5G network and is a stepping stone for 6G network in the near future.

The 5.5G network, improved from the 5G network, is a stepping stone to the 6G network in the near future.

April 2024 marks the fifth anniversary of 5G commercialization in China. Over the past half decade, 5G commercialization has achieved certain successes, creating a strong impact on the global mobile industry. 2024 continues to mark the beginning of the mobile AI era by accelerating the commercialization of 5.5G and AI-integrated devices. 

There are now more than 1.8 billion 5G users in the world, and network operators have taken advantage of 5G and applied it to many different fields. Services such as New Calling, Cloud Phones, and Glasses-free 3D, etc. place higher demands on the network such as faster speeds and lower latency.

In terms of industrial services, the RedCap ecosystem has also grown stronger. Passive IoT has also been upgraded to be ready for wider market applications. Internet of Vehicles (IoV - Internet of Vehicles) applications also require higher Uplink access speeds. In the near future, the world will continue to benefit from advanced network commercialization, as 100 billion connections are achieved.

Currently, more than 30 network operators have completed the process of appraisal and technical testing of 5.5G networks. On the market, there are nearly 20 smartphone models that support multi-network integration, and many models install this as a default feature. Along with that, about 10 network operators announced plans to commercialize 5.5G. In particular, many carriers in the Middle East and China have begun deploying 5.5G 3-carrier component aggregation (3CC) networks with download speeds reaching 5Gbps.

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