Acer launches a powerful AIO desktop computer, integrated with AI assistant

 This Acer AIO PC line has 23.8-inch and 27-inch IPS screens with Full HD resolution.

At the Computex 2024 exhibition, Acer has just introduced two new All-in-One PC models of the Aspire series, marking a new step with the power of integrated artificial intelligence, providing a first-class computing and entertainment experience. day.

Possessing screens with sizes of 23.8 inches and 27 inches, smart collaboration features, flexible and light design, the Acer Aspire C series targets a diverse range of users, from students to students. , office workers, remote workers and families.

Acer Aspire C24 (C24-195ES) and Acer Aspire C27 (C27-195ES) are equipped with Intel Core Ultra 7 155U processor with Intel AI Boost and integrated Intel graphics card, supporting up to 32GB RAM DDR5 technology Dual Channel and M.2 PCIe SSD hard drive with capacity up to 2TB.

Acer Aspire C24

Acer Aspire C24

In addition to hardware power, these AI-integrated AIO computers are also equipped with a series of smart features to support productivity. Copilot is a powerful everyday AI assistant, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to increase efficiency and unlock creativity. Intel Unison software enables seamless connection of multiple devices and operating systems on the same screen.

Online meeting quality is optimized via a QHD 1440p 5MP webcam (with privacy shutter), supporting Windows Studio Effects and Acer PurifiedVoice with noise reduction and background noise cancellation. Users will experience fast and stable connection quality when streaming and surfing the web thanks to Wi-Fi 7. In addition, Bluetooth LE Audio allows high-quality multi-stream audio transmission across multiple audio output devices. .

The Acer Aspire C AIO PC series features 23.8-inch and 27-inch IPS screens with Full HD resolution, ultra-thin bezels and a screen-to-body ratio of up to 95.7% for the 27-inch model. Acer Bluelight Shield technology allows users to minimize blue light levels on the screen.

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The screen of the device can also be tilted from -5 to 25 degrees, rotated horizontally left / right up to 30 degrees, placed on an ergonomic stand that can be adjusted in height up to 120mm. Users can optionally add a VESA standard wall mount for a variety of installation options. The set comes with an Acer Elite 19 wireless keyboard and mouse.

In terms of connectivity, the device is fully equipped with necessary ports, including 4 USB Type-A ports, 1 Type-C port and HDMI port, meeting the needs of multi-device connection.

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