5 things that make iPhone 16 Pro attract iFan "to life"

Below are 5 important features that will be available on the high-end iPhone 16 Pro, attracting users to upgrade.

This September, all eyes will be on Apple's iPhone 16 Pro/ iPhone 16 Pro Max pair. Below are the five most important new features and upgrades that will be available on these two high-end smartphones.

1. Upgrade Camera

As one of the most important elements of the iPhone, changes to the camera system are of particular interest to Apple fans.



Last year, the iPhone 15 Pro Max improved the rear camera system, adding 5x optical zoom with a quad-prism lens. In the iPhone 16 series, iPhone 16 Pro can also inherit this feature.

In addition to possessing a 48MP main camera, the iPhone 16 Pro duo is expected to integrate a second 48MP sensor for an ultra wide-angle camera - Ultra Wide. Theoretically, the telephoto lens is the last to use a 12MP sensor.

Additionally, rumors claim that Thinner lenses could help reduce the size and weight of the camera module.

2. Upgrade chip with A18 series

The chip at the heart of the iPhone is a very important part of the entire device. Every year, A series chips get faster and more powerful, bringing users more features.

With Apple's clear push into AI, the changes could be a lot clearer. Instead of simpler updates to CPU and GPU performance, this year Apple's A18 chip could make changes to the Neural Engine.



It is expected that the A18 chip will have six GPU cores and six CPU cores, including two performance cores and four performance cores.

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Geekbench scores can be improved by about 10% for both single-core and multi-core tests compared to the A17 Pro chip - used in the iPhone 15 Pro series.

The Neural Engine will retain its 16-core structure. Of course, it's still possible that Apple will use more cores to handle AI tasks.

Apple has increased the performance of the Neural Engine in the A17 Pro with 38 trillion operations/second, more than double the 17 trillion operations/second of the previous A16 chip.

3. Upgrade Screen

The screen of the iPhone 16 Pro series could be larger than ever. Many rumors say that the iPhone 16 Pro will have a 6.3-inch screen (upgraded from a 6.1-inch screen).

The screen of the iPhone 16 Pro Max is even larger, increasing by 2 inches compared to its predecessor, to 6.9 inches.



Along with that, Apple will reduce the overall volume of the iPhone by using Thinner bezels compared to the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

And yet, the screen can be even brighter thanks to the use of technologies like Micro Lens Array.

Finally, Apple could completely remove the Dynamic Island area, switching to a "punch-hole" design by implementing the Face ID system under the screen.

4. Upgrade Buttons

The arrival of the Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro could lead to another addition. This time, the new Shutter button on the iPhone 16 Pro duo will provide the same physical control as the camera shutter button.

Many sources confirm that Apple may use capacitive buttons in the new iPhone line.

5. Upgrade Battery

First, rumors claim that the Cupertino-based company will increase battery capacity, with battery cells containing more charge than the iPhone 15 Pro series. This alone will extend your iPhone's battery life. Not to mention the new iPhone Pro pair will benefit when Apple improves overall performance in other details.



It is expected that "Apple Khuyet" will have design improvements, including the use of a "rough metal case".

Furthermore, the graphene heatsink can help improve heat transfer from the battery, minimizing wear and tear due to thermal load. In addition, the new high-performance cathode electrode will help users shorten charging time and increase capacity even higher. 

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