Xiaomi gradually perfects the CyberDog smart robot dog line

Called CyberDog 2, this robot dog from Xiaomi has a completely new design that resembles a real dog much more, from the shape of the joints to a more streamlined design, in which the body and head are completely new. The head is now resting on the neck.

At 8.9 kg, CyberDog 2 is 40% lighter than its predecessor. At the launch event, the Chinese company asserted that the new model resembles a real dog much more than the first generation CyberDog, with an appearance modeled after the Doberman Pinscher. The dog has a total of 12 servos so all four limbs can move independently of each other.

CyberDog 2 at its launch.

CyberDog 2 has a 13 MP camera that uses AI for object recognition, alongside a 1MP RGB camera, a 146-degree fisheye camera, and an Intel RealSense D430 depth camera for spatial awareness. Four microphone arrays combined with AI voice recognition allow the dog to respond to commands. The touch sensor ensures that the dog notices when it is being stroked.

CyberDog 2's software is open source, so the robot dog's capabilities can also be further developed by developers outside of Xiaomi. Robot dogs can walk next to their owners, avoid obstacles, perform backflips or skateboard. If the dog turns over, it can get back up on its own.

CyberDog 2 is based on a 6-core ARM Nvidia Carmel processor and an Nvidia Volta GPU with 48 tensor cores for software processing. The 97.2 Wh battery allows the robot dog to run for 90 minutes, a full charge takes 90 minutes. Users can establish a dog connection with their smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 5 to control the dog.

Xiaomi CyberDog 2 will be launched in China for around 1,640 EUR. The manufacturer has not yet confirmed whether the robot dog will launch in countries around the world. The company seems to position the robot dog as a developer platform and recommends that consumers not buy it without real knowledge.

Xiaomi has just introduced a new generation of vacuum cleaners, including Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5, Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10C, Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20 and Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20+. These devices are all integrated with many features such as the ability to clean floors, intelligent terrain recognition and can be controlled using the Mi Home application.

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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5 is cheap at only 2.49 million VND.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5 is cheap at only 2.49 million VND.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5 has a compact design with a body diameter of 300mm and height of 70mm. The suction head design helps Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5 avoid getting hair or pet hair entangled during cleaning. 400ml trash can on the body with drawer design.

With a capacity of up to 2,000Pa and 3 suction levels, Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5 helps clean stains in this capacity. The device is also equipped with a water tank and a cleaning cloth that can handle stains on the floor.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10C

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10C has a strong suction force of 3,500 Pa with 4 suction levels, helping to clean trash and debris as well as remove fine dust particles deposited on the floor. In addition, the device can also flexibly change to floor cleaning and combine cleaning capabilities to suit the specific cleaning needs of each area in the house. Along with that, the water volume adjustment feature is also integrated, helping to save household water and not making the floor too wet when mopping.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E10C is equipped with smart sensors, helping to adapt to the area being cleaned. The device will continuously scan the surrounding environment, identify objects to adjust the direction of movement and cleaning mode, effective even for areas close to walls. The device can also stop when detecting stairs, passing through gaps or under tables and chairs, avoiding getting stuck.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum X20 is equipped with a fan blade with a capacity of 5,000 Pa, in addition to 4 vacuuming and floor cleaning modes. The combination of LDS laser obstacle avoidance sensor and cleaning map helps the robot move flexibly and perform cleaning more effectively. In particular, with a large battery capacity of up to 5,200mAh, the robot can operate for a long time without needing to return to charge. 

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