Windows 11 has enabled Wi-Fi connection using QR codes

 Microsoft said it is investigating reports of VPN connection errors after installing the Windows 11 April 2024 update.

Security update KB5036893 was released on April 9 for all supported versions of Windows 11, and some users reported that VPN connections with TPM-backed certificates did not work after installing the patch.

VPN connections will be affected by update KB5036893 for Windows 11.

Reddit user Flo-TPG said the Windows 11 update caused a “cannot find certificate” error when trying to use a VPN connection. Shortly after, Microsoft warned that VPN connections may fail after installing this April 2024 security update, and the company said it was “investigating user reports and will provide more information in the coming days.”

The only workaround currently is to uninstall update KB5036893. In that context, Microsoft says that it is planning to release a solution “in an upcoming release,” which suggests that a hotfix will be deployed soon.

Users are advised to temporarily remove KB5036893 if they want to use VPN.

This latest VPN issue comes nearly a year later Microsoft had to fix major speed issues affecting L2TP/IPsec VPN connections in Windows 11 caused by a bug fix. The company has a Windows Insider program designed to detect bugs in early versions of Windows updates, but security patches can often cause unexpected problems like these VPN problems.

Windows 11 users will soon be able to connect to Wi-Fi networks more quickly by scanning a QR code.

According to GizChina, Microsoft has just released the Windows 11 Build 26052 test update for Insider users (Canary and Dev branches). The notable highlight of this update is the improved Camera application, allowing users to scan Wi-Fi QR codes to connect to the network more quickly.

Connecting to Wi-Fi using a QR code is a quick and convenient solution.

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 users after upgrading to Build 26052 just need to point the camera at the QR code containing Wi-Fi information, a link will pop up automatically opening the Settings app, helping to add and connect to an access point. The new Wi-Fi is fast and easy. This feature also works with hotspot (personal network sharing), allowing you to share your network connection with others by creating a private Wi-Fi QR code.

Microsoft said that thanks to this feature, users do not need to enter a password or provide a password to others, so it is safer and more convenient to share Wi-Fi. In addition, this feature is also compatible with Android and iOS devices that support Wi-Fi QR code scanning.

How to create Wi-Fi QR code:

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If you have network access and want to share with others, follow these steps:

- Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi QR Code to create a Wi-Fi QR code for your network.

- Other devices can now scan the QR code to join the network you share.

How to use the Windows Camera app to scan QR codes:

- Open the Camera application on your Windows 11 computer.

- Enable Experimental Features: Click the gear icon to open the Settings menu. Then, expand the "Related settings" option and enable the "Try out new experimental features" button.

- Restart the Camera app and click the barcode icon on the far right. Point the camera towards the QR code to scan.

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