Will this be the successor of Apple CEO - Tim Cook?

 According to the report, it is likely that Mr. John Ternus will be Tim Cook's successor to become Apple CEO.

A new report from Bloomberg gives insight into who could replace Tim Cook as CEO of Apple. Currently, Tim Cook has held this position since 2011 and is 64 years old.

The report is based on conversations with "several Apple internal personnel". formation, if changes are made soon, CEO - Jeff Williams can take over the position of CEO.

John Ternus - Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering at Apple.

However, Mr. Williams is 61 years old, only 2 years younger than the current CEO. Therefore, it is unlikely that he will become the new long-term director. Apple's board of directors will find a CEO who can stick around for at least a decade.

On the other hand, the report also said, "people close" believe that Mr. Cook will be Apple's CEO for "at least another three years." If this happens, John Ternus is "the most likely successor" to Tim Cook as CEO of Apple.

John Ternus is currently Apple's Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering and has taken on increasingly important roles at Apple over the past few years.

The report describes Ternus as "very popular at Apple" with praise from Tim Cook, Eddy Cue and many others. Another important factor is that Ternus is only 49 years old. This helps him "have more opportunities for long-term commitment than other members of the executive board."

Current Apple CEO - Tim Cook.

Current Apple CEO - Tim Cook.

Ternus was well-liked at Apple, and he commanded the respect of Cook, Williams, and other leaders. An internal employee of "Apple House" shared:

“Tim Cook likes him very much because he can present well, is very gentle, never engages in a controversial email and is a very careful decision maker. He has a lot of the same management qualities as Tim.”

Christopher Stringer, Apple's former top hardware designer, called Ternus a "reliable hand" who "never failed in any assigned role." According to some sources, Eddy Cue, Apple's chief executive officer, known as Cook's closest confidant, once told colleagues that Mr. Ternus will be the next CEO.

What about other Apple executives? Bloomberg said that people like Craig Federighi and Deirdre O'Brien "are unlikely to be the successors" to Tim Cook despite being loved by many people. Others, such as Phil Schiller and hardware chief Dan Riccio, "have ended their tenure" at Apple.

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