Why did iFan decide to buy an iPhone even though Android was not inferior?

 iPhone and Android both form large fan bases, where they are loyal to the product regardless of the competition.

Recently, some people claim that today's smartphones are competing with hundreds of schools of thought, and many Android phone users are also quite curious about why iPhone fans continue to buy iPhones immediately. sparked heated discussion.

Many Android phones that are even superior to the iPhone are still turned away by iFan.

On one forum, users said Android phones are doing quite well these days, such as Samsung's Galaxy S series, and other phone brands are also catching up. These phone models are much cheaper than iPhones, which makes users ask, “Why do iPhone fans insist on buying iPhones? Is this because of ease of use, usage habits, price retention or other factors that make iPhone users continue to use it?

The post immediately attracted many iPhone fans to give responses. Some people think that backing up is simple and convenient. They already have other Apple devices and cannot do without the Apple ecosystem.

Apple's product ecosystem is highly appreciated.

The Apple product ecosystem is highly appreciated.

According to these people, data transfer is not annoying, especially when it comes to transferring data to a new iPhone. Not only that, connecting to different products in the Apple ecosystem is also relatively easy with iPhone.

Some people also pointed out that if changing iPhone to Android, users will have to spend time getting used to the other system, "switching from iPhone to another device is very troublesome", especially for those who own a mobile phone. Collecting Apple products.

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Cases for iPhone are very diverse.

Cases for iPhone are very diverse.

Besides, many people also mentioned that iPhone peripheral accessories are easier to buy than Android phones, such as no need to worry about not being able to buy iPhone cases. On the third-party market, a lot of cases are offered for iPhone. More importantly, some major case manufacturers basically do not make case accessories for other brands, or if they do, they only make basic models with little change. Along with that, cases for other brands are difficult to sell, so they are produced in small quantities, making it very difficult to buy cases.

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