What will iPhone battery life be like after upgrading to iOS 17.5

 On May 14, Apple officially released the iOS 17.5 update to users with many new features and bug fixes.

However, many users are also curious whether the old iPhone will consume more power after the upgrade. A YouTube channel focusing on the duration of old iPhones recently showed actual measurement results of some models after updating to iOS 17.5, including some models that decreased by nearly 1 hour when compared to iOS 17.4. first.

specific, YouTube channel iAppleBytes has actually tested 6 old iPhone models, including iPhone SE 2 (2020), iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 15 and discovered two different conditions occurring for these iPhone models.

Testing the battery life of 6 iPhone models upgraded to iOS 17.5 shows that compared to the previous iOS 17.4.1 version, 3 models increased and 3 models decreased. As follows:

- iPhone SE 2 (2020) (battery health 86%) decreased by 11 minutes.

- iPhone XR (battery health 90%) reduced by 32 minutes.

- iPhone 11 (battery health 95%) increased by 31 minutes.

- iPhone 12 (battery health 93%) increased by 11 minutes.

- iPhone 13 (battery health 92%) decreased by 50 minutes.

- iPhone 15 (battery status 100%) increases by 30 minutes.

Will iOS 17.5 bring the old iPhone battery status back to iOS 17.4?

Will iOS 17.5 bring the old iPhone battery status back to iOS 17.4?

After actual testing, compared to the previous iOS 17.4.1 version, this iOS 17.5 has better and worse effects on the battery life of the old device. Two of the old phones have improved battery life: iPhone 11 improved by 31 minutes, iPhone 12 improved by 11 minutes and the new iPhone 15 also improved by 30 minutes.

However, the models with worse battery life are iPhone SE 2 (2020) reduced by 11 minutes, iPhone XR reduced by 32 minutes, and battery life of iPhone 13 reduced by up to 50 minutes. But when comparing the actual measurements of iOS 17.5 with the iOS 17.4 version, the battery life of the 6 iPhone models actually does not differ much. In other words, iOS 17.5 will "return" the battery status of the old iPhone after iOS 17.4 users upgrade to iOS 17.4.1.

There is a setting that users can adjust on their iPhone to add more battery life to their handset.

Called Background App Refresh, this setting is enabled by default on iOS 17 and helps users' favorite apps stay refreshed even when they're not using them. This way, users can open their favorite social media app and continue from where they left off the last time they used the app. Or the setting also allows users to open the Mail app and not have to refresh their inbox to see the latest email they have received.

A simple change to increase iPhone battery life - 1

However, enabling Background App Refresh also means users are using battery life to keep these apps open and updated in the background. So turning them off will help save battery life for the device. To do this, users go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and switch it to Off.

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This will take the user to a screen with three options. Choose off to maximize battery savings even though your apps will no longer update in the background. Select Wi-Fi to only update apps in the background when connected to Wi-Fi, allowing iPhone to save battery when out but will allow app updates in the background when connected to a Wi-Fi signal -Fi.

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