What Makes the iPhone 16 Pro Max 'Attractive' Despite Being Unreleased

According to rumors, this year's iPhone 16 Pro Max is worth the excitement of iFan and the technology world.

According to rumors, iPhone 16 Pro Max will be a "huge" iPhone. In fact, owning a "giant" iPhone is not bad at all. Let's go into a detailed analysis of this smartphone model based on the most reliable rumors today.

iPhone 16 Pro Max will bring a larger screen

For those who regularly view content on the iPhone, the large screen can clearly hold more information and also provide a more comfortable experience for the eyes.

iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a 6.9-inch screen.

Rumors say that the screen of the iPhone 16 Pro Max will increase to 6.9 inches. Additionally, the phone will be taller. As a result, users will have to scroll the screen less and the screen can display more information at a given time.

On the other hand, when playing games, gamers will not like screens that are too large because their fingers will not reach the entire screen area.

iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a larger battery

For iFans, battery life is the main reason why many people choose iPhone Pro Max in the first place. They help users use up to 2 days, no need to charge the battery overnight and no need to worry if you forget to bring a spare battery.

The screen of the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be larger than its predecessor.

That's why the fact that the iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to have a larger battery makes users excited. According to rumors, the flagship will have a 4,676 mAh battery, 5% larger than the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Compare battery life of flagships.

This difference is not large, but with Apple's experience optimizing battery performance, a 5% increase will also bring a significant improvement.

iPhone is still compact enough in a bag

Of course, with a 6.9-inch screen size, the iPhone 16 Pro Max will be quite bulky compared to many smartphones, making it difficult to fit in a pocket. However, keeping them in handbags and backpacks is still more popular.

iPhone Mini is too small.

In terms of weight, the iPhone 15 Pro Max with the new titanium frame weighs only 221g, 20g lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro Max (with stainless steel frame). It's a notable improvement that makes a difference. Apple will produce the iPhone 16 Pro Max frame in titanium so the device will not be too heavy.

Small smartphone or large smartphone?

Many people are divided between the opinion of compact phones and large smartphones. Each device has different advantages and disadvantages. Compact phones are easier to hold in the palm of your hand and easier to use with one hand. On the contrary, they also display less content, are difficult to type on the keyboard and have shorter battery life than large smartphones.

With the general trend of 2024 - smartphones are getting larger, especially with the increasing popularity of folding screen smartphones, the 6.9-inch screen of the iPhone 16 Pro Max will not be too "excessive".


Currently, technology enthusiasts are quite excited about the iPhone 16 Pro Max. Besides some users' criticism, the large size of the iPhone 16 Pro Max will bring more advantages.

Concept photo of iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Not to mention, iFans can choose iPhone 16 Pro if they don't like iPhone Pro Max to experience the 6.1 inch (or 6.3 inch) screen. But it's great that Apple is going bigger with the iPhone Pro Max - that's why this "super product" is still a Max product. Let's wait and see what interesting things this iPhone will bring and whether it will be attractive enough for fans to upgrade or not.

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