What does Facebook's administrator say about many accounts labeled "sponsored" selling fake and counterfeit goods?

 The year-end super promotion season is coming, but users have discovered that many Facebook accounts labeled "Sponsored" are selling fake and counterfeit goods.

Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper noted this situation and sent questions to the Meta representative (Facebook's owner in Vietnam) about why Facebook accepts advertising on illegal sales pages; Regarding Meta's policy of controlling the legality of brands when advertising and in cases where the advertised brand is discovered to be fake, how does Meta handle it?

In the email response, the Meta representative in Vietnam did not directly answer the questions but said: "We are committed to continuing to improve our technologies to provide a safer space, helping everyone." and businesses connect, share, buy and sell. Part of this goal includes protecting intellectual property and fighting the sale and promotion of counterfeit products that harm brands and merchants. honest as well as consumers" – the email wrote.

Meta said it will continue to invest in tools and foster partnerships to support businesses and protect their brands, while also building additional tools so brands can protect their intellectual property more effectively, ultimately helping consumers avoid counterfeit products.

Advertisements for super-priced Marshall headphones appeared all over social networks a few weeks ago - Photo: NLĐO

Advertisements for super-priced Marshall headphones appeared all over social networks a few weeks ago - Photo: NLĐO

To keep people and businesses safe while buying, selling, advertising, and creating on Facebook, Meta has established policies that prohibit content that violates the rights of others, including the sale or promotion of reported counterfeit products.

Facebook has public channels through which copyright owners can report content that they believe violates their intellectual property rights, including content that offers counterfeit goods, through the "Facebook Reporting Form" .

The social network also boasts systems that automatically review ads, Marketplace product listings, in-store content and sales posts, and other commercial listings before they appear online. online and proactively block content that may sell counterfeit goods.

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"These systems can block content based on signals such as: brand name, logo, keywords, price, discounts and other suspicious characteristics.

Meta's global intellectual property operations team of experts available 24/7 in multiple languages ​​also helps review reported content and remove it or disable violative accounts if fit. If the report is complete and valid, the team will quickly remove the reported content - usually within one day after we receive the report" – explained a Meta representative.

In addition, Facebook also provides brand copyright protection tools to help brands remove content that abuses their intellectual property rights, especially counterfeit products and trademark violations.

As Nguoi Lao Dong Newspaper reported, recently on the social network Facebook, many fake fanpages of SamCenter Vietnam (Authorized Dealer of Samsung Vietnam) appeared selling Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro headphones for only 599,000 VND, while the selling price of genuine products is more than 4 million VND. Samsung Vietnam and the authorized dealer both confirmed that the fanpages selling the above headphones are all fake.

In addition, sponsored ads continuously appear on Facebook about fake Marshall Minor 3 headphones and speakers priced at only 549,000 VND, down 70% from the original price of 2,890,000 VND.

Marshall Vietnam said information about the incident has been transferred to the company's legal team to work with authorities and relevant parties.

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