VinFast car owners "profit" big when selling used cars and upgrading to electric cars through Cho Tot

Not only can you buy back used cars with transparent and quick procedures, with prices up to 88% of the new car selling price, car owners are also supported with loans of up to 80% for 8 years with attractive interest rates to upgrade. tram. Those are great bargains for VinFast car owners with the "Old Autumn - Innovating Electric Cars" program just announced by VinFast and Cho Tot.

Remove the biggest barrier when selling used cars

The program "Autumn old - Innovate electric cars" just announced by VinFast and Cho Tot is making the customer community of VinFast cars warm up because of its practical benefits.

Specifically, from April 22, owners of VinFast electric or gasoline cars can sell used cars to the Cho Tot platform. Not only is it a long-standing reputable trading platform in the market, in the new program launched with VinFast, Cho Tot also commits to purchasing VinFast used cars at especially attractive prices, up to 88% of the price. current sale.

On a large car forum, many members have invited each other to "test" the special services of VinFast and Cho Tot. Many members admit that one of the biggest concerns when upgrading a car is reselling the old car at a satisfactory price.

VF 8 is a car model chosen by many families to "upgrade".

VF 8 is a car model chosen by many families to "upgrade".

A member named Dat Le said that the journey of selling used cars was much more difficult than he imagined. Selling the VF e34 online to "upgrade" to the VF 8, Mr. Dat had to receive tired guests, including those in need and those... asking for fun. Not to mention, many people claiming to be "workers" also came to see and bid, but most of them were so forced that he did not want to sell. "My family's car is very well-maintained, the quality is still good but the price is being forced to be like... a grass car, it's better not to sell it, it's better to keep it and continue to use it," member Dat Le said.

In fact, because of busy work, it is almost impossible for many people to spend effort and time to check prices and check cars. If you don't want to be caught off guard, the car owner will even have to spend a whole day walking around the market, finding a serious shop, and giving transparent car reviews.

Therefore, with the programs of VinFast and Cho Tot, many car owners affirm that this is a way to help remove the burden on domestic consumers. "With the cooperation of two reputable units, VinFast and Cho Tot, I am completely assured with the way they operate," member Nguyen Duy wrote on the Lux VinFast car owner group.

Many members have shared experiences, especially with Cho Tot, car owners don't even need to leave the house to easily sell their car. People in need just need to leave information on the platform, Cho Tot staff will contact, can come to the customer's home to check and carry out completely transparent and quick buying and selling procedures.

"It's 'a world of difference' compared to the previous way of buying and selling", member Nguyen Duy commented after experiencing the old and new collection program of VinFast and Cho Tot to convert from the Lux A2.0. to VF 8.

Upgrading to an electric vehicle is easy and affordable

In addition to great benefits when selling used cars, customers participating in VinFast and Cho Tot programs can also easily upgrade to electric vehicles with the effective policies of the 2nd "Strong Spirit of Vietnam" program.

Specifically, customers will enjoy VinFast's "3 best" policy with the longest loan period - up to 8 years; Largest loan value - up to 80% of car price and most attractive loan interest rate by fixed annuity or decreasing balance method.

Policies from VinFast and Cho Tot help Vietnamese customers "freely upgrade" to electric cars.

Policies from VinFast and Cho Tot help Vietnamese customers "freely upgrade" to electric cars.

In fact, this is a famous program that VinFast has implemented since early March this year and has received great support from the consumer community. Regardless of which loan method they choose, car buyers are still guaranteed the most attractive interest rates by VinFast and accompanying banks and do not have to worry about being subject to market fluctuations.

With this program, the monthly cost of owning an electric vehicle is more optimal than ever. For example, with the VF 5 Plus model in the A-SUV segment, which has received great attention in the market, in addition to 20% of the original car value, the car owner only needs to pay about more than 5 million VND per month. to officially own an electric vehicle. This is an amount of money suitable for the majority of consumers and does not too much affect the lives of families.

Along with optimal ownership costs, energy and maintenance costs of economical electric cars "far surpass" gasoline cars in the same segment, which is also a great advantage summarized by the electric car user community from actual use.

Electric cars are also a reassuring choice because of the safe and smart technologies equipped right from the VF 5 Plus model - the model with the lowest price in VinFast's current product range - helping customers feel confident in every way. road. In addition, with excellent after-sales service quality, from a warranty period of up to 10 years, full services from mobile repair, mobile battery charging, 24/7 rescue to service workshop system " no days off" covering the whole country... VinFast electric cars are increasingly becoming the priority choice of users.

From the new stimulus policy of VinFast and Cho Tot, many experts predict that VinFast's green cars will have even more opportunities to surpass gasoline car competitors and further dominate the market.

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