Upgrade Samsung Galaxy to One UI 6.1: Detailed instructions and important notes

Updating Samsung phones to One UI 6.1 will bring many attractive features, but there are a few things to note.

Samsung has officially released the One UI 6.1 software update to older Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The update promises to bring many groundbreaking AI features and useful improvements. This article will guide you how to upgrade your Samsung phone to One UI 6.1 safely and effectively, while also highlighting some important issues to know before doing so.

Samsung begins rolling out One UI 6.1 update to more devices.

1. One UI 6.1 expansion and user concerns

Initially, One UI 6.1 was launched with the Galaxy S24 series. Later, this update was extended to the 2022 (S22) and Galaxy Fan Edition 2023 (S23 FE) flagships. However, in the early stages of deployment, some users encountered phone access errors during the update process. Samsung has paused the rollout to fix issues and refine the update.

2. Prepare your Galaxy device for One UI 6.1

Before proceeding with the upgrade, you need to take some preparatory steps to ensure the process goes smoothly:

 - Back up data: This is the most important step to avoid data loss in case of an incident. You can back up data to Samsung Cloud, Google Drive, or use other backup apps.

- Turn off lock screen: Some users reported an error accessing the lock screen during the update process. Therefore, you should temporarily disable the lock screen security feature before upgrading.

- Free up storage space: The One UI 6.1 update may require additional storage space because it contains many new features. Check the free space on your device and delete data that is no longer needed.

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- Fully charged battery: Make sure your device has at least 50% battery before starting the upgrade.

- Wi-Fi connection: Use a stable Wi-Fi network to download and install updates to avoid interruptions and also avoid incurring mobile data costs.

Please ensure the battery capacity of your Samsung phone before updating the software.

Please ensure the battery capacity of your Samsung phone before updating the software.

3. Upgrade One UI 6.1

To upgrade One UI 6.1, follow these steps:

Open the Settings application on your phone > select Software update.

Download and install the update.

Restart your phone when the installation is completed.

4. Some notes after updating

After updating to One UI 6.1, you may need to restart some apps for them to work properly. Some new features may not be available immediately on all devices.

If you experience any problems after the update, contact Samsung customer support for help.

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