Tesla continues to upgrade the low-cost Model 3 electric car


The Model 3 Performance electric car has just been upgraded by the company with many new advances

Some other new features on the Model 3 Performance include the ability to split torque towards the rear wheels, larger brake calipers and staggered 20-inch wheels with Pirelli P Zero 4 performance tires specifically for Tesla. Thanks to that, the vehicle has better grip and reduces rolling resistance to optimize vehicle performance

Not only upgraded in terms of performance, the Model 3 Performance also has additional designs compared to the standard version such as the front and rear bumpers being tweaked to be more sporty, adding a front splitter and spoiler. and rear diffuser.

Tesla continues to upgrade the cheap Model 3 electric car - 1

The interior also has slight improvements such as new sports seats, an improved soundproofing system, carbon materials also appear on some interior details, and the car also comes with a sound system. 17-speaker bar and entertainment screen for the rear space.

Compared to previous upgrades that only focused on unlocking features and adding details, Tesla has improved Model 3 Performance significantly in terms of hardware. Accordingly, the manufacturer has equipped a new transmission system to significantly improve performance.

Tesla continues to upgrade the cheap Model 3 electric car - 2

Tesla continues to upgrade the cheap Model 3 electric car - 3

Specifically, the Tesla Model 3 Performance will have a dual motor with a 4-wheel drive system, thanks to which the vehicle's capacity is improved up to 510 horsepower and 741 Nm of traction. According to the manufacturer, this upgraded version will help Model 3 Performance accelerate from 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds before reaching a maximum speed of 262km/h, this parameter is somewhat asymptotic and even equal to a number of gasoline-powered supercars.

In addition, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is also equipped with a stiffer chassis and a completely new adaptive shock absorber system. These upgrades will help riders handle corners at any speed better thanks to improved vehicle stability control.

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In return, the operating range of the Tesla Model 3 Performance is also reduced a bit, whereby the car has an expected operating range of about 476 km on a single charge. This operating range is lower than previous versions, which could reach an average of about 500 km.

The selling price of the Tesla Model 3 Performance is equivalent to VND 1.34 billion, excluding tax incentives and vehicle delivery in May or June. If all conditions are applied, the buyer can receive federal tax incentives and thanks The car price is only from 1.15 billion VND

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