Sony launches all-new ULT Wear wireless headphones, 50-hour battery

 Users can connect the headset to the Sony Headphones Connect application on smartphones to customize advanced features.

Sony has just launched the ULT Power Sound music product line, including speakers and headphones that integrate many new technologies. In particular, ULT Wear wireless noise-cancelling headphones are the first product of the ULT Power Sound line to be opened for sale in Vietnam.

An ULT Wear headphone model from the Sony ULT Power Sound line.

ULT Wear owns a driver specifically designed for the ULT Power Sound line with speakers up to 40mm. The product has an ULT button to help users adjust the sound quality to their liking. This button has 3 modes, including ULT 1 (bass enhancement level 1), ULT 2 (even deeper bass enhancement, level 2) and OFF mode.

Users can connect the headset to the Sony Headphones Connect application on smartphones to customize advanced features. In particular, the Clear Bass feature on the application also allows individual customization of the bass without affecting other sound ranges, and the sound is not distorted even when the volume is increased.

With voice recognition technology and beamforming microphone, the headset's conversation sound quality will be loud, clear and detailed. The headphones can be paired with two Bluetooth devices at the same time using multi-device connection technology. Thanks to that, when a call comes in, the headset will recognize which device is ringing and automatically connect to that device.

“Quick Attention” mode is also available on ULT Wear headphones so users can listen to announcements or say something brief, by placing their hand on the right earpiece to quickly reduce the volume and listen. listen to sounds from the surrounding environment. Or with “Spotify Tap”, users can quickly play music from the Spotify application, by tapping twice on the right earphone.

In addition, ULT Wear also brings together other exclusive Sony technologies such as Hires music player with LDAC technology, DSEE technology to help reproduce clear sound and provide a vivid surround sound experience with 360 technology. Reality Audio.

ULT Wear has a battery life of up to 30 hours with noise canceling on, and up to 50 hours with it off. The headset also supports 3-minute quick charging for up to 90 additional minutes of use. In particular, ear sensors help recognize when users remove/put on to pause or start playing music.

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ULT Wear headphones have a reference price of 4.49 million VND.

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