Price of iPhone 14 series in May 2024: Continues to decrease further compared to the previous month

 iPhone 13 series currently only has iPhone 13 versions 128GB and 256GB.

In May 2024, the prices of older generation iPhone models continue to drop sharply, including the iPhone 13 series.

iPhone 13 has a deeply reduced price of more than 8 million VND.

According to information published on the websites of major Apple authorized retailers (AAR) in Vietnam, the iPhone 13 series is currently only available in 128GB and 256GB versions, with preferential prices at FPT Shop and Mobile World. equivalent to 13.69 million VND and 16.99 million VND respectively.

Compared to last month, both iPhone 13 128GB and 256GB have decreased by 100,000 VND. Last month, the iPhone 13 128GB had the best price of 13.79 million VND, while the iPhone 13 256GB was 17.09 million VND.

The iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max products are all out of stock.

According to an AAR in Vietnam, since the iPhone 15 series officially opened for sale in Vietnam, they have had to reduce the prices of old iPhone models to clear stock and create conditions for users with not too high incomes to easily Easier access to Apple products .

"At this time, older iPhone models are continuously decreasing in price. If you do not need to compete with technology but want to experience the iOS operating system at a reasonable price, this will be the most suitable choice," said a representative. AAR said.

Most models of the iPhone 14 series have just had additional discounts, the biggest discount is up to 800,000 VND.

iPhone 14 Pro Max once hit bottom after many months of "price war". Now until May 2024, this model has some changes compared to before, including reductions in both original prices and preferential prices.

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iPhone 14 Pro Max is still a "hot" product.

Currently, the cheapest is still the iPhone 14 128GB version with a preferential price of 16.49 million VND at both FPT Shop and TGDD, an additional reduction of up to 800,000 VND compared to last month. The 256GB option of iPhone 14 has a preferential price of 19.99 million VND at FPT Shop (remaining the same as last month) and also at Mobile World (an additional 100,000 VND reduction compared to last month).

The highest is of course the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the 128GB version has a preferential price of 26.99 million VND (an additional 400,000 VND reduction compared to last month). Currently, iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB has also been reduced by up to 500,000 VND compared to last month.

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