Own the ultimate cleaning machine for only 2 million VND


The trend of using robot vacuum cleaners to clean the house is no longer new to us, but many issues from price, quality, and features give you headaches? Don't worry, with only 2 million VND, you can immediately own a smart vacuum cleaner and mop robot - Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5. This product will be a great assistant in keeping your house clean every day.

Own the ultimate cleaning machine for only 2 million VND - 1

2 in 1 cleaning robot, optimized design

With a price of only 2 million VND, Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5 shows its superiority when it can both vacuum and clean the house, helping users save quite a bit of time and effort.

For first-time users, Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5 has a control system that is extremely intuitive and easy to get used to. In addition, the machine has a specialized suction head design to avoid getting caught in hair during work.

The plus point on this model is the garbage slot with a large capacity of up to 400ml. This means that users do not need to clean the device as often, saving time. The trash can is made in the form of a drawer for quick assembly and disassembly.

Own the ultimate cleaning machine for only 2 million VND - 2

With a battery capacity of 2,600mAh, the robot vacuum cleaner can work all day long with the ability to clean a large house. With a 25W charger, the time it takes for the robot to get back to work is very quick. Therefore, users do not need to worry too much about the operating time on the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5 product.

Diverse support features, easy control

Xiaomi Vacuum E5 has comprehensive cleaning ability, without missing any area, even the narrowest corners, thanks to its multi-dimensional coordination feature. With this feature, 2 brushes work to collect dirt in nearby locations and an exhaust fan with a maximum capacity of 2,000Pa will collect everything that appears on the path of the Vacuum E5.

If users are concerned about problems such as the machine getting stuck in narrow areas, getting entangled in electrical wires or breaking household appliances, Xiaomi provides users with the ability to plan smart routes on the Vacuum E5.

The robot will use smart recognition to flexibly avoid obstacles, a zigzag cleaning route and the ability to step back as soon as it detects stairs. With these routes, the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner and floor cleaning robot is ready to sweep and clean every surface it passes through.

In 2024, Xiaomi is promoting the connection of every device in its ecosystem and the Robot Vacuum E5 is no exception.

Users can control this compact machine with a familiar application (Mi Home). If this is the first time the user uses this application, you don't need to worry too much. The application is designed to be very user-friendly and easy to use. What's even more special is that Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5 supports voice commands through virtual assistants Alexa and Google Assistant. During the first experiences, users will feel very magical like they are living in the future.

Own the ultimate cleaning machine for only 2 million VND - 3

With the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5 product, Xiaomi puts the product in an accessible segment for common consumers, who cannot experience this convenient technology because the price is too high.

Although it belongs to the popular segment, the device possesses many of the latest and most advanced technologies. Therefore, the Vacuum E5 model has become the most worth buying floor-sweeping and mopping robot at the present time. Furthermore, thanks to Xiaomi's diverse ecosystem, users can easily upgrade and promote the convenience that this robot model brings.

Own the ultimate cleaning machine for only 2 million VND - 4

Currently, Xiaomi Robot Vacuum E5 has an official selling price of 2,490,000 VND. In particular, from now until May 31, 2024, you will receive an immediate discount of 300,000 VND, the price for each product is only 2,190,000 VND.

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