Nokia's exciting smartphone is about to be revived

 In addition to the appearance of the new Pulse line, HMD Global is also planning to revive an extremely interesting Nokia phone.

Coming back to the HMD Pulse, the product offers a lot of basic-level features that HMD has had some success with when introducing affordable Nokia smartphones in the past few years. But to really move forward, the company needs to expand into more interesting spaces, especially in Europe and the US. To do this, they are getting ready to revive a new device designed based on the Nokia Lumia series.

Nokia Lumia was very successful in the early 2010s.

Nokia Lumia was very successful in the early 2010s.

The design language here is called "fabula", which was posted on X by leak expert Makul Sharma. According to the leak, HMD is developing a mid-range device based on this design philosophy of Nokia. It all started with Lumia 800 in 2011 - the first phone to use the new Windows Phone platform.

Although Nokia Lumia has been discontinued, in reality, the early 2010s are considered the glorious period of this product line. The Nokia brand has launched a large number of phones and several tablets, all based on the fabula design language. Bringing it back will certainly attract the attention of many people and bring with it nostalgia for the brand that HMD has been doing so well lately.

The rumored phone doesn't have a name yet but recently a device appeared with the codename Tomcat whose specifications match those leaked by Makul Sharma. specifically, the device comes with Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 chip. That is the chip announced in September 2023 and has been replaced by Snapdragon 7 Gen 3. This is aimed at directing "Tomcat" to the mid-range segment. average and better than the published Pulse models.

Nokia's exciting smartphone is about to be revived - 2HMD's new product will use the "fabula" design language.

HMD's new product will use the "fabula" design language.

There's no word on the size of the display, but it's AMOLED with Full HD+ resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate, further upping the competition. The battery on the device has a capacity of 4900 mAh with the ability to charge at 33W.

HMD Tomcat can be equipped with a 108MP main camera combined with a 2MP secondary camera, it is unclear what the purpose is but it is likely a macro lens. The product can even support PureView technology - a technology that first appeared on the Nokia 808 Pureview to help take full advantage of the power from the high-resolution sensor to enhance zoom capabilities and increase image detail quality. image. image.

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The new HMD phone is said to run on Android 14 instead of Microsoft's Windows platform. More importantly, the design based on Nokia Lumia will certainly be of interest to many people.

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