New: Surveillance cameras must meet this series of criteria when operating in Vietnam

 One of them is to have an interface that informs users about the location (country) where data is stored and processed.

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has just issued a decision on a set of basic network information security requirements for surveillance cameras. This content is recommended for Vietnamese and foreign organizations and individuals involved in research, development, production, evaluation, selection and use of camera equipment.

Surveillance cameras must meet many safety and network security standards in Vietnam. (Illustration)

The document recommends applying basic network information security technical requirements to surveillance camera devices using network protocols (referred to as camera devices). For higher level technical requirements for network information security, organizations and individuals will consider and decide based on their specific characteristics and practical needs.

Developed, the decision was issued on May 7, 2024, requiring surveillance cameras to have product usage instructions for users. To ensure user information security, surveillance cameras must have authentication management features including brute force attack prevention and secure password management.

specifically, the camera needs to have a system administration function that allows changing the lock time, the number of incorrect login attempts, and the period of incorrect consecutive logins. Only informs the user of successful/failed login content without other content as a basis for performing a brute force attack. At the same time, there is a different and secure password control function for each camera device, and there is a function to authenticate many different types of objects such as users or devices.

The interface of the camera device allows connection and management of the camera device via a network connection; the physical interface of the camera device used to access the device's functions via a network connection; The camera device's physical port or radio interface allows communication with the camera device via a physical connection. For example: Ethernet port, USB port, Wi-Fi,...

In addition, camera devices and applications that communicate with users must have a time-out option that allows automatically logging out of the application after a period of time and generating a secure session key.

The operating status of the camera device includes parameters, options, initialized functions, and pre-default settings according to the manufacturer's design. This mode is activated immediately after the camera device is installed and started for the first time.

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Camera equipment and associated services have at least features that allow setting up and configuring locations in Vietnam for data processing, storage and exploitation (such as: On memory cards/peripheral devices). , cloud computing services located in Vietnam,...) to ensure compliance with Vietnamese law on personal data protection.

During initialization, setup, and configuration of the device, there must be an interface that informs the user about the location (country) of storage and processing of data collected by the camera device and related services. Concurrently.

At the same time, there is a function that allows users to delete data collected and stored on the camera device. There is a function to notify the user of successful/failed data deletion on the device when performing the deletion function. There is a function to confirm the user agrees to delete data before deleting.

The camera programming device must have additional features: Check the validity of input data entered by the user or through the interface; prevent processing of input data that violates pre-defined filtering conditions according to the manufacturer; Check the validity of data to prevent attacks on device interfaces.

In case the device must be restarted due to an error (except hardware error), the device must ensure normal operation the next time it is restarted.

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