McLaren F1, a Supercar Marvel, Hits Auction Block with Projected Price Exceeding 480 Billion VND

 Rare supercar McLaren F1 will be auctioned after the owner only used it for 22km.

Recently, the McLaren F1 with chassis number "029" continued to be sold. This is also one of the McLaren F1s that is "in the top" of the lowest running cars in the world. This 1995 F1 wears a unique Creighton Brown paint color and was sold at the Pebble Beach event in 2021 for $20,465,000.

Nearly 3 years later, the car's owner decided to sell this car after only "enjoying" about 22km during the ownership period. By the time it was sold through Gooding & Company in 2021, the ODO of this F1 had run 387 km and it was also at this event that the McLaren F1 with chassis number 029 became one of the most expensive cars sold. sold that year and was the most expensive car ever sold through Gooding & Company during Car Week.

This car continues to be sold with a new ODO number of only "only" 410 km, meaning that after 3 years, the car has only rolled about 22 km. Of the 64 McLaren F1s ever built, this is one of the lowest ODO models, making the car a sought-after collector's item among famous car collectors. RM Sotheby's estimates that F1 cars have increased in value by about 1 million USD per year, so a large increase in ODO of a car will most likely affect the value of the car.

This McLaren has chassis number 029, the 25th McLaren F1 delivered. The car's exterior is painted in a special color Creighton Brown. Inside, the car has seats covered in a combination of Light Tan and Dark Brown leather. A buyer in Japan is the first owner of this car.

The car's original owner still maintains the car regularly but rarely drives the McLaren. After that, this car was delivered to a car enthusiast in the US and this person rarely drives the F1 out.

It is rare to see a McLaren F1 for sale but this car still comes with all the accessories including the original luggage that fits in a compartment on the side of the car. The rare TAG Heuer watch and yellow titanium tool set also remains. The car is even still equipped with original Goodyear Eagle F1 tires from the factory.

The McLaren F1 remains a timeless, legendary name with a mixture of materials that are still unfamiliar today such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, titanium and gold leaf. The car has a mid-mounted 6.1L V12 engine originating from BMW with a capacity of 618 horsepower and is equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission.

The car will be put on the auction floor in the near future and is expected to be sold at a price of over 20 million USD, equivalent to more than 480 billion VND via the online platform.

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