Liverpool - Tottenham clash was filled with a "rain" of goals & historical milestones

Liverpool - Tottenham is not a derby but is always attractive and important.

Liverpool - Tottenham is not considered a derby of English football because the two teams have no geographical distance, no feud, and do not often compete for titles. Even this weekend's match (10:30 p.m., May 5) only means a lot to Tottenham because of its goal of getting into the top 4 to participate in next season's Champions League.

The Liverpool - Tottenham match brought a lot of drama and historical milestones

The Liverpool - Tottenham match brought a lot of drama and historical milestones

History clashes

In the 20th century, Liverpool and Tottenham did not meet each other too often because there were times when one of the two clubs dropped down the rankings. In the period from 1935 to 1950 (Tottenham was relegated) and from 1955 to 1962 (Liverpool was relegated) there were no matches between the two teams. However, since then, Liverpool and Tottenham have regularly met each other every year, except for the 1977/78 season when Tottenham fell to the Second Division.

The years when Liverpool dominated English football were also the years when they overwhelmed Tottenham in confrontations, and Spurs only won 2 consecutive matches against Liverpool in the 1983/84 season (the season they won the UEFA Cup) and 1986/87 (Spurs won FA Cup runner-up). Liverpool entered recession in the 1990s and Tottenham had a 5-match unbeaten streak from 1993 to 1995, as well as winning 2 and drawing 1 in 1998 (the year Spurs were racing to stay relegated).

Confrontation between Liverpool and Tottenham
Liverpool won 89Draw 44Tottenham won 49
The strikers scored the most goals in this match
ScorerNumber of goalsAchievement
Jimmy Greaves (Tottenham)11 goalsThe player who scored the most goals in the history of the English Championship (357 goals) - 6 times Top scorer of the English Championship - 2nd striker in Tottenham history
Ian Rush (Liverpool)11 goalsThe player who scored the most goals in Liverpool history (346 goals) - European Golden Shoe 1984
Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)9 goals5th striker in Liverpool history - 3 times Premier League top scorer
Harry Kane (Tottenham)9 goalsNumber 1 striker in Tottenham history - Number 2 striker in Premier League history - 3 times Premier League top scorer
Roger Hunt (Liverpool)9 goalsFormer Liverpool goal record holder, now ranked 2nd (285 goals) - 1 time top scorer of the English Championship

However, Liverpool still often won in confrontations, until Juande Ramos and then Harry Redknapp began to lead Tottenham. From 2008 to 2012, Tottenham with Modric, Bale, Van der Vaart won 7 times against Liverpool, drew 1 and lost only 3 matches, they eliminated Liverpool on the journey to the 2008 League Cup championship (also the title). most recently won by Tottenham).

Under the hands of Brendan Rodgers and then Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool was unbeaten from 2013 to 2017 against Tottenham. Even after Spurs won 4-1 at White Hart Lane in October 2017, Liverpool continued to dominate the opponent with a series of 12 matches without a loss from 2018 to 2023, including 7 consecutive wins from 2018 to 2021. , including the 2019 Champions League final .

Liverpool defeated Tottenham in the biggest match between the two teams, the 2019 Champions League final

Liverpool defeated Tottenham in the biggest match between the two teams, the 2019 Champions League final

Ange Postecoglou finally helped Spurs defeat Liverpool in the first leg of this season with a 2-1 victory, but it was a controversial match when Tottenham was favored by the referee, Liverpool received 2 red cards but still almost won. and only failed in injury time because of an own goal.

The most memorable matches

2 matches in April 1963, Liverpool 5-2 Tottenham & Tottenham 7-2 Liverpool : In just 3 days, the two teams contributed 2 matches full of goals. Tottenham is currently the defending FA Cup champion and just won the English championship two seasons ago, while Liverpool has just been promoted (but the next season they won the English championship) and must face Spurs who are leading the rankings.

In the first match at Anfield on April 12, Liverpool was led 0-2 after the first half but created a miraculous 5-goal comeback in the second half of the match, of which the 2-2 equalizer came in the 54th minute. But three days later there was no comeback at White Hart Lane, the legendary Jimmy Greaves scored a poker shot and Tottenham led 4-1 in the 55th minute before winning 7-2 on aggregate. This loss was Liverpool's defeat record until 2015.

Liverpool 1-1 Tottenham, March 31, 1973 : Liverpool dropped points at the wrong time in the three-horse race with Arsenal and Leeds. The match turned Pat Jennings into the most feared goalkeeper in English football. A dozen shots from "The Kop" were blocked by Jennings and he even pushed 2 penalties, while Liverpool's goal was thanks to the ball changing direction. . Luckily for Liverpool, they still won the English championship, not to mention they also defeated Tottenham in the UEFA Cup semi-finals to then win the championship.

Liverpool 7-0 Tottenham, September 2, 1978 : Tottenham entered the match with two new World Cup champions from Argentina, Ricky Villa and Ossie Ardiles, but Liverpool created a feast of goals to set a record for a big win over Tottenham. with two doubles from Kenny Dalglish and David Johnson. The 7th goal is considered a masterpiece of coordination, Johnson passed a long pass across the line and Steve Heighway on the left wing did not control it but volleyed right in for Terry McDermott to head in and score, a ball that lasted 70m and scored a goal after just 3 touches.

The 7-0 win in 1978 is still Liverpool's biggest win over Tottenham

The 7-0 win in 1978 is still Liverpool's biggest win over Tottenham

Liverpool 3-1 Tottenham, March 13, 1982 : This was the League Cup final and Tottenham had just won the FA Cup the previous season thanks to Ardiles & Villa playing the role of heroes. Liverpool is the English defending champion but Tottenham is more appreciated with a series of 25 consecutive unbeaten matches in all cup matches. Not to mention Tottenham has never lost at Wembley. Things started to look bright for Tottenham when Ardiles arranged for Steve Archibald to score the opening goal in the 11th minute.

Liverpool was very deadlocked for most of the match. In the 85th minute, Archibald almost increased the score to 2-0, but Graeme Souness was able to block the ball with his foot. Just 2 minutes later, Liverpool got the ball and Ronnie Whelan scored against Tottenham to equalize the score 1-1. In extra time, Ardiles lost the ball to help Whelan put Liverpool ahead, and Ian Rush cushioned the goal in the 120th minute to bring the League Cup to Liverpool.

Liverpool 1-2 Tottenham, March 11, 1995 : The two teams are in a season with quite poor results and meet in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, a tournament at first Tottenham was not allowed to participate because of financial violations but then saved. Liverpool took the lead thanks to Robbie Fowler's goal in the 38th minute, but Teddy Sheringham had a great game when he curled a beautiful shot from outside the box to equalize just before the end of the first half.

When the match only had about 1 and a half minutes left, Sheringham had a beautiful shot to send Jurgen Klinsmann out of the penalty area to set the score at 2-1. This was the first time in history that Tottenham defeated Liverpool in the FA Cup, and Spurs players and fans celebrated wildly, thinking that the opportunity to win the championship was at hand. However, they were defeated 4-1 by Everton in the semi-finals.

Tottenham 3-3 Liverpool, March 14, 1998 : Tottenham is currently racing for relegation but still has Jurgen Klinsmann and David Ginola in the squad. Spurs took the lead 3 times, of which the first 2 goals were by Ginola crossing for Klinsmann to head before Ginola soloed and curled the ball from outside the penalty area. But Steve McManaman scored the equalizer twice, interspersed with a beautiful hook shot from Paul Ince.

Tottenham 4-0 Liverpool, September 18, 2011 : Spurs under Harry Redkanpp were very scary with Bale, Modric, Van der Vaart, Defoe, Parker and in this match they also debuted Emanuel Adebayor. The Togolese striker scored a double while Defoe and Modric each contributed 1 goal, not to mention Liverpool only had 9 people at the end of the match because Martin Skrtel and Charlie Adam received red cards.

Adebayor (right) celebrates his double against Liverpool with Bale, right in his White Hart Lane debut

Adebayor (right) celebrates scoring a double against Liverpool with Bale, right in his White Hart Lane debut

Tottenham 0-5 Liverpool, December 15, 2013 : Liverpool returns with championship ambitions while Tottenham was just hit by 6 goals by Man City 3 weeks ago. Luis Suarez wore the captain's armband in Steven Gerrard's absence and he scored twice, while Jordan Henderson, Raheem Sterling and Jon Flanagan each contributed a goal. Spurs were down to 10 people after Paulinho's strike on Suarez, and a few hours after the match Tottenham fired coach Andre Villas-Boas.

Liverpool 3-2 Tottenham, February 10, 2015 : Mario Balotelli was a failure at Anfield but at least he was useful on this day. Spurs that season rose under the hands of Mauricio Pochettino with a Harry Kane in high form, and Kane equalized for Tottenham after Liverpool took the lead thanks to Hugo Lloris' mistake allowing Lazar Markovic's shot to slip away.

Gerrard scored a penalty to put Liverpool ahead, but Mousa Dembele equalized for Tottenham after Christian Eriksen's free kick. 7 minutes before the end of time, substitute Balotelli was in the right place to put the ball into the net after Adam Lallana's cross, but did not celebrate his first goal for the club and after the match quietly went into the tunnel, instead celebrate on Instagram.

Balotelli scored his first goal for Liverpool against Tottenham in a 3-2 win in 2015

Balotelli scored his first goal for Liverpool against Tottenham in a 3-2 win in 2015

Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham, June 1, 2019 : Champions League final. The two teams booked tickets to Madrid thanks to breathtaking comebacks against Barcelona and Ajax. This is an opportunity for Liverpool to win their first title with coach Jurgen Klopp while Tottenham has never won the C1 Cup. But things started quite badly for Tottenham with Moussa Sissoko's handball in the penalty area after just 24 seconds, helping Mohamed Salah open the scoring from the 11m mark.

Liverpool let Tottenham keep the ball while they retreated to defend, making the match quite boring. The decisive blow came in the 87th minute when Divock Origi took advantage of Tottenham's poor corner kick to score 2-0, bringing the 6th C1 Cup to Liverpool.

Tottenham 2-2 Liverpool, December 19, 2021 : Liverpool is racing with Man City at the top of the table and Tottenham has just welcomed Antonio Conte back. Harry Kane gave Spurs the lead after just 13 minutes and thereby ended his 6-match losing streak, but Andy Robertson crossed for Diogo Jota to equalize in the 35th minute. Robertson himself then scored a header in the 69th minute to give Liverpool a 2-1 lead. But Alisson's mistake helped Son Heung Min shoot into an empty net to equalize at 2-2 minutes 74 and 3 minutes later Robertson was red carded for a tackle with Emerson Royal.

One mistake costs the championship

One mistake costs the championship

No one knows how big Alisson's mistake will be later: at the end of the season, Liverpool lost to Man City in the championship race with only 1 point less, "The Kop" should have placed their hands on the cup for the second time. 3 if not for this unfortunate draw and the loss to Leicester City 2 months earlier.

Liverpool 4-3 Tottenham, April 30, 2023 : The breathtaking ending of a seemingly easy match for Liverpool. After only 15 minutes Curtis Jones, Luis Diaz and Salah scored 3 goals against Spurs, but Kane volleyed home a goal at the end of the first half before Son Heung Min shortened the score 2-3 minutes 77. At minute 90 + 3 substitutes Richarlison headed in to equalize 3-3, but exactly 1 minute later Lucas Moura's mistake helped Jota kick into the Spurs net for a 4-3 win.

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