Lightroom has 2 more extremely useful AI features, helping users "relax"

 Adobe has just added two new AI features to the Lightroom application, helping users remove excess objects and blur the background in a "wink of an eye".

Lightroom is a professional photo editing and management software developed by Adobe, often used by photographers and photography enthusiasts.

Lightroom is currently available in two main versions, including Adobe Lightroom Classic, for desktop computers, and Adobe Lightroom (also known as Lightroom CC), which is a cloud-based version that can be used on multiple devices. as different as computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Recently, Adobe added two new AI features to the mobile, computer and web versions of Lightroom. This feature is called “Generative Remove”, which helps users remove excess objects in the blink of an eye with just one click thanks to Firefly technology.

Video demonstrating new features. (Source: Adobe)

This AI feature is very useful for editing complex images, for example removing stains from patterned shirts, reflections in water...

To use AI features on Lightroom, all you need to do is update the application to the latest version. When finished, users just need to select the photo to edit, then click Remove.

To erase excess objects with AI, turn on the Generative AI option, then adjust the brush size and paint on the areas that need to be erased, wait a moment for the process to complete.

Lightroom will automatically create different variations after editing, users can click the Refine button to choose the best version.

Watch More Image Part 2 >>>

Watch More Image Part 2 >>>

If you are using Lightroom on your computer, you just need to add images to the software, go to Develop, click on the eraser icon, and turn on the Generative AI option. Then use the brush to paint on the objects that need to be erased, wait a moment for this process to complete.

In addition to Generative Remove, Adobe also offers an AI-powered Lens Blur tool with all-new presets, allowing users to blur the background or subject with just a few simple taps. This feature is now available on Lightroom mobile, desktop, iPad, and web versions.

To use, open the photo you want to edit, then select Edit - Blur. Next, users just need to adjust the blur ratio, blur effect (circle, bubble, 5-pointed, ring...) or click Focus to adjust the focus (near/far), finally click Apply (apply).

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