Launch of 24K gold-plated iPad Pro 2024 Criss-Cross, priced up to more than 300 million VND

 Caviar's pair of iPad Pro 2024 Criss-Cross is inspired by the character Deadpool, uses 24K gold material, and has an amazing price.

Dubai-based Caviar is famous for its luxury appliances. Recently, the company announced a limited edition for the iPad Pro Criss-Cross pair, a customized version of the 2024 iPad Pro pair just launched by Apple.

Pair of iPad Pro 2024 Criss-Cross by Caviar.

The Caviar iPad Pro 2024 Criss-Cross is part of the brand's Desperado collection, which features the famous Desert Eagle Mark XIX gun. The back of the tablet is attached with 2 guns, forming an "X", with a design inspired by Deadpool, the claw details around the gun are inspired by Wolverine. Both of these famous characters will star in the movie Deadpool & Wolverine, scheduled for release this July.

Extremely cool gun details.

Caviar said that the components of the Desert Eagle Mark In addition, the tablet's case is made of titanium with PVD plating technology - once used in luxury Swiss watches.

Close-up of the back of the iPad Pro 2024 Criss-Cross.

Caviar will only produce 99 iPad Pro 2024 Criss-Cross with both 11-inch and 13-inch size options with Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. Both versions will have 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB memory options.

The price of the iPad Pro 2024 Criss-Cross pair is extremely expensive.

The 11-inch Criss-Cross iPad Pro version has a starting price of 12,200 USD (about 310.38 million VND) while the 13-inch Criss-Cross iPad Pro has a higher price - up to 12,630 USD (about 321.32 million VND).

Obviously, these "super products" are not for the majority of users. They are only suitable for "giants" who are die-hard fans of Deadpool.

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