JBL Soundgear Sense: Unique open wireless headphones, 24-hour battery

This is a worthy choice for people who often listen to music, talk through headphones or listen to music while jogging.

Soundgear Sense is a unique open-ear wireless headphone model from the famous JBL brand, especially when it comes to design and sound quality. At a price of less than 4 million VND, this deserves to be one of the options for people who regularly listen to music, talk through headphones and even those who like to listen to music while jogging.

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Soundgear Sense headphones with sturdy ear straps.

Soundgear Sense headphones with sturdy ear straps.

Right from the first use, JBL Soundgear Sense gave the writer a comfortable feeling when wearing for many hours. This is thanks to advanced JBL OpenSound technology with the ability to transmit sound through the air, a structure that does not completely block the ear canal, and comes with flexible and adjustable ear hooks for users to proactively choose. Focus on listening to music, making phone calls or listening to sounds from the surrounding environment.

Inside the product box, JBL also includes a detachable neckband to fix the headphones more securely when exercising. In addition, thanks to IP54 dust and water resistance, users can use the headset in conditions such as sweating or light rain. In particular, the 4 built-in microphones are a big plus when recording loud and clear sound, even in windy environments.

The charging box is quite large, but fitting it into a pocket or small bag is not a problem.

The charging box is quite large, but fitting it into a pocket or small bag is not a problem.

Users need time to get used to it to place the headset correctly in the charging box.

Users need time to get used to it to place the headset correctly in the charging box.

For writers who are using in-ear headphones in small charging boxes, the JBL Soundgear Sense's box seems a bit big. In addition, this charging box only has an LED light to indicate battery life or charging, instead of a multi-level LED light to know the remaining battery percentage, which is also a shortcoming.

Sound quality

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This headset is equipped with a pair of smart 16.2mm drivers, supplemented with a bass enhancement algorithm. Along with that, JBL Soundgear Sense's OpenSound audio technology reproduces sound quite realistically, with almost no leakage phenomenon. OpenSound is a technology that causes sound pressure to be transmitted through sound waves to the ear, while creating an inverse phase to minimize sound dispersion.

Sound quality is a plus point of JBL Soundgear Sense.

Sound quality is a plus point of JBL Soundgear Sense.

For open-ear headphones like this, the wearer rarely feels the sub-bass and low-bass sounds, most of them only hear the high ranges like upper-bass. However, with JBL Soundgear Sense it is a bit different, the sub-bass and low-bass are not too impressive but are clearly better than many other competitors in the price segment under 4 million VND.

As for the midrange, there are no complaints about the JBL Soundgear Sense. The singer's voice is reproduced clearly, sounds clear and outstanding. The sound details of background instruments such as piano, violin,... are also reproduced quite well, not "dampened" like some other headphone models.

In general, JBL Soundgear Sense headphones can help you listen to a variety of music genres. If you are not satisfied, users can also customize the EQ using the application. All of the above technologies combined with the JBL Soundgear Sense design fits neatly on the ear without blocking the ear canal, users will have a listening experience in sync with all surrounding sounds from the environment.

Other functions

JBL Soundgear Sense supports quick connection to smartphones through Fast Pair technology. Thanks to that, users who do not need to install the My JBL Headphones application can quickly see the battery life of each headset and charging box with a pop-up notification every time they connect. In addition, this headset also supports connection to 2 devices for users to flexibly use at any time and place.

Like many other wireless headphones, users can play/pause, skip to new song/return to previous song, increase/decrease volume, pick up/hang up voice calls or call virtual assistant with just a few clicks. Touch sensor right on both sides of the headset. These features can be customized through the My JBL Headphones app.

Battery life is detailed for each component of the headset.

The battery

The battery life of the JBL Soundgear Sense includes the battery in the pair of headphones and the backup battery in the case itself. structured, the headset allows for up to 6 hours of music listening and about 3.5 hours of voice calling; and the charging case will add up to 18 hours of additional music playback. Thus, the maximum total usage time of the headset with the charging box is 24 hours.

Regarding charging capabilities, this headset uses a quite convenient USB Type-C port. According to the manufacturer's announcement, users only need to charge for 15 minutes to have 4 hours of continuous use.

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