iPhone 17 Slim will become the most expensive iPhone in history

 iPhone 17 Slim could be the most expensive iPhone ever. This "super product" will need more advanced features along with an ultra-thin design.

Many recent rumors have mentioned the ultra-thin iPhone - iPhone 17 Slim. It is expected that this high-end smartphone will appear in 2025.

Notably, according to The Information, iPhone 17 Slim "will cost more than iPhone 17 Pro Max", possibly becoming the most expensive iPhone model in history.

What will iPhone 17 Slim bring?

According to a report by The Information and a statement from famous analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities, the iPhone 17 Slim will be thinner than current iPhone models (ranging from 7.8 - 8.25mm in thickness). Currently, it is unclear how thin the iPhone 17 Slim will be.

Concept photo of iPhone 17 Slim.

Concept photo of iPhone 17 Slim.

According to predictions, iPhone 17 Slim will replace iPhone 17 Plus in the iPhone line. This year, the iPhone 16 Plus will still be released, succeeding the iPhone 15 Plus.

Jeff Pu's report claims that the iPhone 17 Slim will have a 6.6-inch screen while The Information's source said that the device's screen will range in size from 6.1 - 6.6 inches.

The new phone will run on the A19 chip (the iPhone 16 series will use the A18 silicon chip). The Information also said that the device will have an "aluminum frame and smaller Dynamic Island details".

Notably, The Information claims, this phone will cost more than the current iPhone 15 Pro Max. This is quite contradictory as iFan will have to pay more for an iPhone with an aluminum frame and a smaller screen.

Ultra-thin iPhone 17 Slim or iPhone 17 Ultra?

Previously, in 2022, rumors mentioned the iPhone Ultra again. This is expected to be the pinnacle device, similar to how the Apple Watch Ultra offers the best features of the Apple Watch smartwatch.

Concept photo of iPhone 16 Ultra.

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Concept photo of iPhone 16 Ultra.

Some rumors even suggest that the iPhone 16 Ultra will be released this fall. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that "Apple" will only release 4 iPhone 16 models and has no plans to change the name for iPhone 16 Pro Max. So in 2025... iPhone 17 Slim will appear.

Are they the same?

According to rumours, the iPhone Ultra will introduce a host of features - more durability, a better camera and even touch-sensitive buttons, which will eliminate moving parts on the phone. Those are premium features, worthy of a phone more expensive than the iPhone Pro Max - especially with an ultra-thin design.

According to experts, the iPhone Ultra's rumored features over the years will be included in the iPhone 17 Slim as a premium addition.

Apple looking for a new design?

Regardless of iPhone Slim or iPhone Ultra - Apple followers are expecting the iPhone to have a fresher design. It's been 7 years since the iPhone's design changed - iPhone X: removed the Home button with Touch ID integration to expand the screen closer to the edge. In the following years, Apple made only a few minor adjustments: flattening the iPhone's edges and rearranging the rear camera cluster.

iPhone 17 Slim will have an extremely thin design and an extremely expensive price.

iPhone 17 Slim will have an extremely thin design and an extremely expensive price.

Over the past 7 years, the company has only introduced almost identical devices. iPhone Slim (or iPhone Ultra or even Ultra Slim) will be an opportunity for iPhone to refresh its appearance and can make consumers excited about upgrading iPhone again.

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