iPhone 17 series will bring surprises

 The latest rumor shows that the iPhone 17 Pro - expected to launch in 2025 will have up to 12GB of RAM and a narrower Dynamic Island area.

Apple will announce the iPhone 16 series in September 2024. However, many fans are excited about rumors about next year's iPhone 17 "family".

According to a note from analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities, Apple will increase the RAM of the high-end iPhone 17 Pro pair to 12GB in 2025. In addition, this analyst also believes that "Apple House" will narrow the Dynamic Island area with new technology.

Currently, the iPhone 15 series has a maximum of 8GB of RAM and the iPhone 16 quartet will retain this capacity. Increasing RAM capacity to 12GB on iPhone 17 Pro and iPhone 17 Pro Max will help the device improve multitasking capabilities and more powerful applications.

The Dynamic Island area will become narrower thanks to the use of a smaller meta lens for the Face ID system. Other rumors say Apple will shrink this area by hiding components under the screen, such as the selfie camera.

Rumors about the iPhone 17 Pro pair are completely possible because these are inevitable upgrades. The changes in this flagship duo are attracting many iFans. Many people even skipped this year's iPhone 16 series to wait for the appearance of next year's iPhone 17 generation.

According to schedule, Apple will announce the iPhone 17 "family" in September 2025. iFan can predict these smartphones more accurately after the iPhone 16 Series launches next fall.

The topic "Revealing iPhone 17 will launch Slim model" on Weibo immediately topped the hot search list, attracting attention.

Analyst Jeff Pu has just commented that the iPhone 17 product line will be revised when Apple adds a Slim model to replace the Plus version, and at the same time 4 models will be changed to iPhone 17, iPhone 17 Slim , iPhone 17 Pro and iPhone 17 Pro Max.

iPhone 17 family members launching next year?

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In terms of size, Pu said they will offer different screen sizes, including iPhone 17 at 6.1 inches, iPhone 17 Slim at 6.6 inches, iPhone 17 Pro at 6.3 inches and iPhone 17 Pro Max is 6.9 inches. This means that the four products do not share the same two sizes as before.

More importantly, this marks the end of the Plus series since Apple implemented it on the iPhone 14 launched in 2022. As a result, the iPhone Plus will no longer exist after 3 generations, making it somewhat similar to the fate that the previous mini version encountered.

As for design, the iPhone 17 series continues the Dynamic Island solution, but the Dynamic Island gap is smaller and the front camera is upgraded to 24 MP.

Dynamic Island continues to come to the 2025 iPhone line.

Finally, there are the technical specifications. Apple continues its plan to "differentiate" the iPhone 15 series. Only the Pro and Pro Max versions are equipped with the highest-end A19 Pro chip, while the standard version and Slim model will use the previous generation chip.

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