iPhone 16 Pro becomes more valuable thanks to this detail

 According to the latest report, iPhone 16 Pro will have a new screen with 20% higher brightness than its predecessor.

Just a few days after launching the iPad Pro M4 series with "the world's most advanced screen", the latest rumor also confirms that the iPhone 16 Pro will have a "leap" in screen.

iPhone 16 Pro screen will be 20% brighter

Specifically, Instant Digital reports that the iPhone 16 Pro will have a screen that reaches a maximum brightness of 1,200 nits when used normally (with SDR content). This will be a 20% increase compared to the 1,000 nit brightness on the iPhone 15 Pro screen.

The iPhone 16 Pro screen will be 20% brighter than its predecessor.

When Apple releases display specifications for the iPhone, it typically lists average peak brightness - the brightness of the display during normal use (not applicable to HDR content). At the same time, the company also has a separate maximum brightness for HDR content.

iPhone 15 Pro and some previous iPhone generations have screens that reach a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits during normal use and 1,600 for HDR content. According to this rumor, the iPhone 16 Pro with a maximum screen brightness of 1,200 nits will be even better and brighter for all web browsing activities. The phone is expected to retain its peak 1,600 nit brightness for HDR content.

Model of iPhone 16 quartet.

Previously, news source Instant Digital accurately predicted the launch of the new iPad Pro line with a matte screen option. The nano-textured glass screen version of the iPad Pro M4 has surprised experts.

It is expected that the iPhone 16 generation will be officially announced by Apple next September. We will continue to update more information about them in the next news articles.

According to schedule, the iPhone 16 series will be officially announced in September. Rumors show that they will have a new 3nm chip and Artificial Intelligence - AI capabilities. At the same time, some versions will have larger screens, new ultra-wide cameras and larger batteries.

Recently, the model image for the iPhone 16 series was posted by the website ShopSystem (France). This image shows that the new iPhone line will have a slight change - MagSafe.

Model photos of iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro.

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Introduced with the iPhone 12, MagSafe is a magnetic technology created by Apple that places a series of magnets around the iPhone's charging coil. This technology allows for wireless charging of iPhones and attachment of accessories such as wallet cases to the phone.

Model photo of iPhone 16 Series.

According to newly leaked photos, the charging ring on iPhone 16 will be thinner. ShopSystem believes that this change may make older MagSafe and Qi2 chargers incompatible with the new iPhone. On the other hand, 9to5Mac sources say that is unlikely to happen.

On the other hand, reducing the thickness will improve charging technology and reduce the weight of the phone.

Concept photo of iPhone 16 Pro, iPhone 16 Pro Max.

These images are also consistent with many previous rumors that the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will have a vertical rear camera layout. This rearrangement of the layout will allow Apple to bring spatial video recording - currently only available on iPhone Pro models to standard iPhone models.

In addition, the photos are evidence that the iPhone Pro models will have a "huge" size, possibly becoming the best phones of 2024.

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