iOS 18: A leap forward in customization and artificial intelligence on iPhone


iOS 18 will be more sparkling thanks to the ability to customize application icon colors according to personal preferences.

According to information from reputable Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, Apple 's next operating system version - iOS 18 - promises to bring significant changes in customization and artificial intelligence integration ( WHO).

One of the biggest highlights is that users will be able to customize the color and position of each application icon on the home screen, helping to personalize the interface according to personal preferences.

In addition, Apple is also developing a feature that allows creating custom emojis based on the user's message content, providing a more interesting and unique messaging experience.

iPhone customization will be enhanced in iOS 18.

iPhone customization will be enhanced in iOS 18.

iOS 18 is also expected to integrate many new AI features into core applications such as Notes, Photos, and Safari. These features will help users perform tasks more quickly and efficiently, while protecting their privacy. In addition, Apple is also collaborating with OpenAI to integrate AI into iOS 18, to improve the interaction and user support capabilities of virtual assistant Siri.

With significant improvements in both features and interface, iOS 18 is expected to be the biggest and most anticipated update in iOS history.

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