Immediately delete this application on iPhone to avoid being tracked


Detect potential risks from the TestFlight application on iPhone.

A new report has revealed that iPhone users can be silently tracked without their knowledge when they install the TestFlight app.

This application is very familiar to iOS users , allowing users to experience test versions of other applications before officially launching. However, multinational cybersecurity technology company Certo Software has discovered a potential risk in TestFlight. When users install this application, hackers can install a custom keyboard with an interface identical to the iPhone's default keyboard.

TestFlight application has a potential security risk that causes iPhone users to be tracked.

TestFlight application has a potential security risk that causes iPhone users to be tracked.

This keyboard acts as a keylogger (a tool that saves keyboard operation history) and records everything the user types, including sensitive information such as passwords and messages that the user cannot detect. go out. This makes it possible for attackers to steal important personal information of users, and even use it for blackmail.

Faced with this situation, Apple has tightened the process of bringing test applications to TestFlight. However, iPhone users still need to be vigilant and take measures to protect their data. To avoid the risk of being tracked, iPhone users should take the following measures:

- Only install apps from the App Store or reputable sources. Avoid installing applications from unknown sources, especially testing applications on TestFlight.

- Regularly check the list of keyboards installed on iPhone. If you detect any suspicious keyboard, remove it immediately.

- Always update your iOS operating system to the latest version to get the latest security patches.

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