How does a PC graphics card affect your electricity bill?

 Electricity bills are everyone's problem, especially in the summer. That is a fairly large expense that cannot be avoided unless we do not directly use any electrical equipment, which is not simple.

That's why users need to find out where the problem of electricity consumption in the home may lie. One of those problems may lie directly in the computer (PC), specifically its components such as the graphics card.

The GPU and CPU are the biggest energy drainers on a PC.

One of the ways to measure the consumption of electronic devices is to check their energy efficiency. We can know this when buying it or simply by looking at the technical specifications it may have or directly through devices such as smart plugs. But the first thing we need to know is that some devices consume more than others, and that could be the cause of the problem.

First, users need to know which components can consume the most power in the PC. The main culprits are the components that have to process the largest amount of information, which means they have the most power. It's something people probably think about but tend to forget every time they buy a PC because they don't consider its energy efficiency but what it's capable of doing.

Quality PSU plays a significant role in helping your PC save electricity.

As a result, users are advised to purchase the best power supply unit (PSU) possible, and the difference in saving on electricity bills in the long run will lie in using an energy efficient certified PSU High. In this way, when we have the latest generation CPU along with a GPU with a high energy efficiency index, the energy savings will be very significant. To understand the energy efficiency of PSUs, let's look at the chart below.

As can be seen, the efficiency level is one of the reasons why electricity costs in the home increase because, after all, it is a large energy-demanding component. A powerful component will need to consume more electricity, that is why in our home appliances, one of the appliances that consumes the most electricity is the refrigerator because in the end it needs to be connected all the time. connection for high capacity for cooling duty.

Similar to the case of a PC, the only difference with a refrigerator is that we will not use it all day but for enough hours for work, so it also greatly affects power consumption.

There's no need to invest in a top-end GPU just for casual games.

Finally, graphics cards and CPUs are often the two biggest culprits that cause our PCs to consume large amounts of power, so users are often advised to choose components with lower power that still allow us to Enjoy your game to the fullest. As a result, it will not be necessary to use a powerful RTX 4090 GPU to play most games at high graphics levels because in addition to the very high initial investment cost, it can eat up the power bill. , leading to exorbitant prices in electricity bills each month.

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