How big is this electric motorbike's "price tag" of more than 3.2 billion VND?

The Arc Vector electric motorbike is expected to be produced in two units this year, with a proposed price of more than 3.2 billion VND.

The Arc Vector electric motorbike prototype first appeared in 2018. However, after a long time, the actual running publication of this model has not yet been put into production and launched to the market. Recently, the manufacturer Arc Vehicle said that in 2024 there will be 2 Arc Vectors produced.

How big is this electric motorbike's "price tag" of more than 3.2 billion VND? - first

What surprises two-wheeled motorbike enthusiasts is that Arc Vector is expected to have a suggested price of up to 128,000 USD (about 3.24 billion VND). This price can't help but make the two-wheeled community extremely shocked and surely only car enthusiasts with a lot of money and willing to spend will dare to buy it.

The sky-high "price" cannot help but make two-wheeled vehicle enthusiasts curious about what is truly unique about Arc Vector. Looking at the concept, it is clear that this electric motorbike has a strange shape, like a beast, with unparalleled power. The car is said to have an extremely powerful electric motor that can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 3.2 seconds.

Not only that, Arc Vector is also said to be able to be fully charged extremely quickly, in just 40 minutes. The body of the car has a monocoque structure made entirely of carbon fiber, with a cafe racer-style configuration. The front axle arm and rear center shock absorber further make the car unique.

Arc Vector's power is said to come from an electric motor with a capacity of 95 kW (127 horsepower), helping the car reach a maximum speed of up to 200 km/h. The car's 16.8 kWh battery pack can help this motorcycle model operate up to 322 km in urban areas and 200 km in highway environments.

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Another unique feature is that the vehicle is designed with features that help interact between humans and machines, including a jacket with integrated technology to help respond to warnings and a helmet with a HUD screen that allows the driver to focus on driving. driving route, while still grasping the necessary information. It's unclear when the Arc Vector will be officially launched, but it's clear that this is a picky motorcycle line and is only for the super rich.

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