HOT: The world's first triple-folding screen smartphone launched

 Recently, TCL CSOT officially introduced the world's first triple-folding screen smartphone, opening up a 7.85-inch screen.

In 2019, TCL showed off a (non-working) prototype of a 3-fold screen smartphone. When fully opened, the product will offer a 10-inch screen - equivalent to the size of the screen. tablet. Now, after 5 years, TCL CSOT (TCL China Star Optoelectronics Technology) has introduced the first tri-fold screen phone - integrating a 7.85-inch screen when fully opened.

The smartphone has a 3-fold screen from TCL CSOT.

This device was displayed at the SID (Society for Information Display; roughly translated: Association for Information Display) 2024 exhibition held in San Jose, California, USA. The phone uses a three-fold screen, named "Free-type" by TCL - Free type to fold into "G" and "Z" shapes. When fully opened flat, the 7.85-inch display has an aspect ratio similar to that of a conventional tablet.

One of the problems with older triple-fold phone prototypes was their thickness. According to My Drivers, TCL's tri-fold phone is only 427 microns thick. That's because the phone adopts the Sensor Under Panel (SUP - Sensor Under Panel) design, the 3D facial recognition feature is handled by sensors hidden under the foldable screen.

"Super product" has a main screen size of 7.85 inches.

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Thanks to this, this smartphone is secure enough to verify the user's identity for mobile payments, device unlocking, etc. Both the regular screen area and the screen area containing the SUP design have a pixel density of 420 PPI, allowing users to experience a uniform display without any change in screen quality.

The display also supports adaptive refresh rate powered by LTPO, which can vary from 1-120Hz depending on the content displayed on the screen. With a tri-fold display, the phone not only gives users an enhanced gaming experience but also helps boost productivity and creativity. The display also consumes low power and is durable.

Currently, the technology world is still unclear about TCL's intentions for a 3-fold screen phone. In recent years, many rumors have also said that companies such as Huawei and Samsung are trying to develop a phone. so. According to sources, Huawei will release a similar device this year with a "huge" 10-inch screen.

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