Google introduces an extremely "cool" AI video creation tool, competing against OpenAI's Sora

 Google has provided an impressive look at their video creation AI tool called Veo.

Not long after OpenAI introduced Sora - an impressive video creation tool from text, Google also quickly joined the artificial intelligence race by launching Veo, their latest generation video creation AI model.

Google revealed that Veo is a promised tool that gives filmmakers and content creators the ability to create high-quality videos with a variety of cinematic and visual styles.

An image in a video created by Veo.

Veo's highlight is the ability to create high-resolution videos (Full HD - 1080p) with a duration of up to more than 1 minute, surpassing Sora's time limit of only 1 minute. Thanks to its "advanced natural language understanding", Veo can understand cinematic terms such as "time-lapse" or "overhead shot", allowing users to create custom videos by Use text, images, or videos as suggestions.

In particular, Veo is appreciated for its ability to create "more continuous and seamless" videos, depicting more realistic movements for people, animals and objects throughout scenes. Google says it is working with filmmakers and content creators to perfect Veo and ensure that this AI technology best meets user needs.

Let's admire some videos created by Veo:


Prompt: A lone cowboy rides his horse across an open plain at beautiful sunset, soft light, warm colors warm colors).


Prompt: Timelapse of a common sunflower opening, dark background (Timelapse of a common sunflower opening, dark background).

Prompt: Extreme close-up of chicken and green pepper kebabs grilling on a barbeque with flames. Shallow focus and light smoke. vivid colors (Close-up of grilled chicken and green pepper kebabs grilled on a fire grill. Shallow focus and light smoke. vivid colors).

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Prompt: Crochet elephant in intricate patterns walking on the savanna.

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Prompt: extreme close-up with a shallow depth of field of a puddle in a street. reflecting a busy futuristic Tokyo city with bright neon signs, night, lens flare (close-up video with shallow depth of field of a puddle on the street. reflecting a busy futuristic Tokyo city, with signs bright neon lights, darkness, lens flare) .

In the future, some Veo features will be made available to "select creators" and integrated into YouTube Shorts. Google's launch of Veo marks an important step forward in the race to develop artificial intelligence specifically used to create videos.

With outstanding advantages, Veo has the potential to become an effective tool for filmmakers and content creators, promising to bring impressive visual and audio experiences to viewers.

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