GMC Introduces Sierra Electric Pickup Truck, Starting at $100,000

Battery manufacturing company CATL has just introduced an LFP battery version for electric vehicles that can go up to 1,000km

Not only can it go 600km with 10 minutes of charging, but the new LFP battery from CATL can help the car go 1,000km on a full charge. Electric vehicle battery supplier CATL has just introduced a new battery called Shenxing Plus at the Beijing auto show with many improvements in performance and charging speed. This type of battery uses a lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) compound, along with a 3D printed honeycomb structure at the anode, helping to increase energy density.

In addition, the battery pack is equipped with new granular gradation technology for the cathode, helping to improve the energy density of the battery and increase its lifespan. The shell of the Shenxing Plus battery pack is monolithic, thereby optimizing the space inside the battery, increasing energy capacity without affecting the size or weight of the battery.

CATL representative said the new battery pack has an energy density of 205 Wh/kg, providing a range of more than 1,000 km in a test in China. In addition, the battery's fast charging ability has also been improved, with just 10 minutes of charging, the battery will provide enough energy to help the car travel 600km, equivalent to 1km for every second of charging.

However, CATL has not provided a timeline for when electric vehicle models using new battery technology will be launched on the market. They have also started building the new Shenxing super-fast charging network, which will become the largest super-fast charging service in China.

GMC has just announced the selling price for the Sierra electric pickup truck in the US market

The price at the time of announcement is for the most advanced Edition 1 version and the car is equipped with a dual motor powertrain with 754 horsepower and a range of about 644 km per charge. However, instead of opening sales of this car model in early 2024, the plan has changed and pushed back the opening date to this summer.

Currently, the brand announced the car's selling price at 99,495 USD, equivalent to more than 2.3 billion VND. A GMC spokesperson explained that the original price was actually just an estimate, and has now been adjusted downward before being released to the market.

The Edition 1 version will still cost a bit more, in addition, it is likely that this price reduction is due to rival brands gradually launching other equally attractive electric pickup models, typically the F-150 Lightning. or Tesla Cybertruck.

GMC also promises to improve and increase the operating range for Sierra EV. The estimated operating range of the Edition 1 version is up to 644 km, an increase of 10% compared to the original announcement. This is the operating range estimated from General Motors data compared to the EPA, significantly better than both the F-150 Lightning and Cybertruck, and the operating range of this model also beats the Rivian R1T .

GMC uses “optimization of the GM Ultium Platform” as the basis for the increase in vehicle range. Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 will launch with an estimated maximum towing capacity of 4,535 kg and cargo capacity of up to 658 kg, higher than the initially announced figures. In addition, Sierra EV can fast charge with a capacity of up to 350kW, 10 minutes of charging can go more than 160 km.

However, the Sierra EV's delivery time was pushed back nearly half a year compared to the original plan. The first Sierra EV Edition 1 units will be delivered to customers this summer. Currently all of the first batch of cars have been sold out, but GMC did not share the exact number of Edition 1 cars they are producing. For other Sierra EV versions, the selling price and delivery time will be announced by GMC in the near future.

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