Earning more than 1 billion USD from foreign IT services, FPT rose to the top like never before

 FPT increased 8 places in Asia and 14 places in the world, helping them enter the top 50 IT service providers in the region for the first time.

According to Gartner's latest global IT services market report (Gartner Market Share: Services, Worldwide), FPT has just ranked for the first time in the top 50 information technology (IT) service companies in Asia based on criteria. revenue. revenue. FPT is also the only Vietnamese technology company to be honored with famous companies such as Accenture and IBM.

specifically, according to the Gartner Market Share: Services, Worldwide report, with a milestone of more than 1 billion USD in IT service revenue in foreign markets in 2023, FPT has increased 8 places compared to last year's ranking, ranking in the top 50 companies in the ranking of Asia's leading IT service companies in 2023. Also in the ranking of the world's leading IT service companies in 2023, FPT has increased 14 places compared to the previous year's ranking.

FPT's growth in IT services in foreign markets mainly comes from digital transformation services, stemming from increasing customer demand. This is also one of FPT's most outstanding services globally, with revenue in 2023 increasing by 45% over the same period, equivalent to VND 10,425 billion. In particular, all markets recorded good growth, especially the Japanese market grew by more than 52%, followed closely by the Asia-Pacific region with a growth of 37.7%.

In 2023, FPT continues to expand its global presence through the consecutive opening of new offices in the US, Japan, Korea, China and Indonesia. At the same time, this group continues to make strategic investments and mergers with companies Landing AI, Intertec International, Cardinal Peak and AOSIS; strengthen partnerships with industry players such as SAP, Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce and Adobe.

The Group also focuses on improving capacity in fields with high growth potential such as Health Care, Banking - Finance - Insurance (BFSI), Energy, and Automotive Technology (Automotive). At the same time, they constantly invest and improve capacity in core technology areas such as AI, Cloud, Big Data,...

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Not long ago, FPT released a financial report, saying that in the first quarter of 2024, they recorded revenue and pre-tax profit growth over the same period last year of 20.6% and 19%, respectively. 5%. In 2024, FPT aims to increase revenue by 17.5% and pre-tax profit by 18.2%. The company also aims to reach the milestone of 5 billion USD in IT service revenue for foreign markets by 2030.

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